Is losing weight worth the effort?

Absolutely, with most certainty!

When you take the necessary steps to lose weight, it can all get quite overwhelming and over complicated. The steps are simple, but they are not the easiest to take, especially if you are new to the game. It takes a lot of experimentation, especially if you are not willing to seek help from a professional in the field. This is why Quora is so effective, because you can get some dam useful tips and tricks. Here are mine. I hope you take action on them to generate results for yourself.

The absolute best top 7 weight loss tips you will ever need

  1. Weight train – this is absolutely key to successful weight loss. It can be daunting getting yourself into the weights area, but please understand, once you see for yourself what it can do, you will wish you started sooner! Seek the help of a professional if you are new, and don’t let those muscle bound people intimidate you one bit. We were all there once! So get into the weights area, and learn to lift properly and accurately.
  2. Eat well all the time – This really should have been my number one point, but I do believe that once you get into training, your diet will naturally follow along for you. Eat as many natural whole foods as possible. Fill your plate with cruciferous vegetables, as well as high quality sources of protein. I opt for a pescatarian diet, and my plate has variations of seafood, as well as eggs when I’m in a hurry. You can fill your menu with chicken breast, turkey, seafood and eggs. Go easy on the red meat, but do enjoy it once in a while. Add your carbs only when you train, and fill up on veggies every other day.
  3. Drink water – the most fundamental thing we can do for our bodies is to drink water, about 3–4 litres a day. Water is essential for hydration, peak performance and optimal flushing of toxins from the body. It’s also fat burning tool that you can use. Drink ice cold water for the fat burning effects in summer, and go for the green tea in winter. Drink as much as you can, no matter what season.
  4. Rest days are non negotiable – when you train hard, you need to rest as well – especially if you are a little older, and your job is stressful. You must allow 2 days of rest, whilst implementing some kind of active recovery. This must be something relaxing to you, like walking, yoga or even meditation. Try to keep as active as possible, without straining your body at all.
  5. Fasting is my favourite tool – Use this one daily, or 3 times a week for fast fat burning potential. For me, my favourite aspect of fasting is the HGH surge. I train fasted, and I have not ever – in my entire 18 years of training, ever experienced such profound muscular growth, strength gains and energy levels. You actually feel like a beast in the gym, and may have people wondering what you’re actually on! I’m on a natural HGH high guys, brought on by daily fasting. Did I mention the fat burning along with it? Please do it, you will love the results.
  6. Watch the stress – when you stress, too much cortisol is flowing within your body, causing you to lose muscle mass, gain body fat and make the wrong nutritional choices. Try to manage your stress as best as you can, and even if that means turning away for an hour, just so you can catch your breath, then do it. If not for the gains you will keep on your body, do it for your sanity.
  7. Sleep – Sleep promotes growth, rest, rejuvenation of the body and cells. If you fast, this will be even more profound for you. Make sure you try and get about 7 hours a day. I should talk here, as I never sleep enough, but if your body is used to it, then it probably wont change. Just make sure you do rest, and have a couple of sleep in days per week. You will love the results, and how alive you feel.

It may seem like a lot of simple, yet hard to achieve things, but it really isn’t. What I would like you to try is just giving them a go, trying your best in each and every step of the way. Although no ones life is perfect, you can try to aim towards a level that will help you lead a more fulfilling life as well as achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals. Feel free to contact me on these various platforms if you need further assistance. I have plenty of other blog posts on angedim or join me on fb and insta social standpoints. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.


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