Control your blood sugar by doing this one thing

Control Your Blood Sugar by Doing This One Thing

Melatonin, genetics and food intake can all impact your risk of diabetes

One thing I’ll be forever grateful to have is the ability to make my lifestyle and food choices. In an instant, we can all either help or hinder our health. But unfortunately, that wisdom is usually built upon painful life experiences. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or someone close to you is suffering. I choose to believe that we can do many things to prevent diabetes from occurring. My passion for combating diabetes grew from my own mother’s diagnosis. She ate the wrong food for years, resulting in her debilitating condition. Fortunately, I created an easy plan for her to lose weight and control her diabetes through nutrition and fasting. It worked so well she lost 14kg in a year. As long as she had diabetes, she did not need to take insulin once. Instead, mum controlled it by experimenting with foods and exercising as much as possible. Although a time did come when mum became ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I know I have mentioned this in my previous posts — that her diet and lifestyle played out during the most vulnerable time in her life. I love this woman with my heart, even though she’s gone. If only I had known now what I should have known back then to have helped her more. I feel compelled to help others lead a better lifestyle by changing their eating and exercise habits. I’m living proof that it takes one decision to set you on the right path. Will it be a foolproof path without risk? Unfortunately, life just doesn’t play out that way. We don’t even know how our life will turn out. But, I believe that you are giving yourself the best shot in life by choice — and that’s what matters. Age will alter your health, but if you did some hard work beforehand, your chances of winning are much higher than someone who’s never given their health a second thought. I’d like to bring your attention to how our body reacts toward food through our genetic disposition and how we can exercise blood sugar control. A study in Spain was conducted with over 845 adults. First, each person fasted for eight hours, then for the next two evenings, they had an early meal and then a late one. The researchers then analysed each participant’s genetic code within the melatonin receptor gene. This gene was picked because, through previous research, it was linked to an elevated risk of type two diabetes. Although the researchers did several things to stimulate a reaction, you can find more about it here if you wish to uncover the details. I will proceed to explain the data in simple terms. The team uncovered that late-night eating disturbed blood sugar control in the whole group. Moreover, this impaired glucose control was predominantly seen in genetic risk variant carriers (The variant in the melatonin receptors). 

The timing of dinner is essential.

Researchers indicate that it’s necessary to abstain from dinner at least two hours before bedtime. But the question remains: what about shift workers or those transitioning through different time zones through travel (for work or pleasurable purposes)? In that instance, it’s best to eat the right foods that eliminate your chances of raising your blood sugar. 

The suitable options should be low glycemic and high fibre foods, such as the following:

  • Foods high in fibre (like veggies, oats etc.)
  • Pick solid foods rather than liquids (like a protein shake)
  • High-fat alternatives like avocado, nuts or perhaps a salad with olive oil
  • Non-ripe bananas, berries and apples

If you are a shift worker, pre-make your meals and try to eat them a few hours before you eat. Better still, try to be active about 30 minutes after your meal, as that will help to lower your blood sugar levels. If you are keen, you can always fast during that mealtime and save yourself for breakfast the next day. But, again, consult with your doctor if you are at all concerned. Feel free to read more regarding this research here. If you are concerned, you should consult with your doctor first.

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