Are oats useful in weight loss?

Oats are my favourite post workout/intermittent fast breaking choice of breakfast.

Oats are a nutritious food you can enjoy of a morning, or even during the day. Because it contains complex carbohydrates, fibre & protein, it will keep you full for longer periods of time, as it’s slower for your body to digest. The fibre is called beta-glucan, which when dissolved in water, provides a thick, gel like solution in the gut. This is how the process of fullness takes place, as well as increasing the good bacteria in your gut.

It has many health benefits to, from lowering your risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer. It’s also a great aid in reduction of blood pressure, and helps with digestion in eliminating waste products. Certain people, such as those who suffer from coeliac disease, need to tread carefully with oats. The oats themselves do not contain gluten, but as part of the manufacturing process, can come into contact with it, and contaminate the source. Your best bet is to stick to gluten free oats, such as Bob Mills.

In terms of weight loss, yes, it can be an aid under the correct plan. For example, when you are also eating a very clean diet, watching your portion sizes and more importantly, not adding things like high fructose sweetened syrups to it. This will obviously kill any benefits that oats may have in helping you lose weight. Over consumption as with anything, can impair your fat loss results. Below I’ll share some great alternatives with oats, as I use them as part of my own diet – especially post workout (and to break my long duration fasts).

5 ways with oats that wont kill your fat loss efforts

  1. Have them post workout.
    Oats are great for replenishing glycogen to the muscles, after a hard workout. This aids in recovery, and also topping you up with energy for your next session. I like to include my plant based protein powder into the mix, and also some coconut cream. I never add any sweetened substance to it, as the protein powder provides a nice vanilla flavouring.
  2. Only pick plain, organic oats – check your labels.
    A lot of supermarket packaging claim that something is free of sugar or artificial flavours. Make sure you read all the labels nutritional value before you make a purchase. Oats need to be just that, oats, nothing more added to it.
  3. Add berries and yogurt if you wish.
    I like to dress up my oats by adding some fresh organic berries and coconut yogurt, then adding cinnamon on top -which lowers the chance of a blood sugar surge. Sometimes I’ll add some green banana, for more soluble fibre, and good bacteria infusion into the gut.
  4. Use it in portable snacks.
    Sometimes I will use oats when I make some protein rich cookies, or perhaps some muffins. This is great for school or work snacks by the way. Use oats, protein powder, eggs and spices of your choice. If you have some ripe bananas, put them in as well. Bake to perfection.
  5. Always use portion control.
    As I mentioned above, you still need to watch your portion size. This all depends on your body shape. what gender you are and how much exercise you do. I stick to 1/2 a cup at all times, and that’s enough for me personally.

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