4 reasons why fasting surpasses any other diet

The reason why many people do not lose weight with exercise alone is that calories in and out do not work the way we have assumed it does.

It’s not a case of how much activity you do daily if you are not feeding yourself in the right way. Sure, people can say that when eating this same amount of calories daily – despite the food source being junk food, they will lose weight. But the body does not process everything in a similar way. The calories & nutritional profile from broccoli is definitely different from that of a cheeseburger.

Now, anyone can lose weight if they alter their diet and exercise. But again, not all exercise works in the same way. Weight training provides different results to marathon running.

In light of all this, what does a woman do, who is obese and at a loss of why exercise is not serving her goal? Does she just give up and proclaim nothing works?

Let’s bypass all the ridiculous claims diet pills and potions make, as well as foods and exercise and go straight to the source that works..

Intermittent fasting – fast track your way to fat loss.

That’s correct! When you spend a certain amount of time daily not consuming nay food (but having zero-calorie fluids) you increase your chances exponentially in eliminating body fat and bringing yourself back to good health.

Now, this does get uncomfortable in the beginning. We all experience this, but in hindsight, it’s the best and most effective way to lose weight. No, you don’t have to exercise excessively. You don’t have to plan grand meals or low-calorie ones. You don’t have to deprive yourself of eating things you still love. What you do have to exercise is self-control to not eat, and when it’s time to feast again, make the proper and most healthy choices you can. This will serve your weight loss goals, and sustain those fasting periods.

I have many articles on fasting that’s on my blog, and at the end of this article, I’ll direct you there. But here, I want to summarise some points about fasting that will help you take the positive direction forward in order to make the necessary changes.

4 reasons why fasting surpasses any other diet.

  1. It’s easy, requires less cooking and it’s cheap! No need to buy calorie-controlled meals, supplements or shakes. None of that garbage. Just good old fashioned wholesome meals when you do eat, and nothing when you don’t. Simple!
  2. It works quickly. For some people, the results from fasting happen straight away, for some of us, this does not happen overnight. No problem, just keep going until you get a result. Perhaps it may not be obvious straight away, but I do urge you to take before and after photos. You will be very surprised 1–2 months down the track!
  3. You don’t need to kill yourself with exercise. In fact, you don’t really need to exercise, but exercise is good for you. We must do some activity for good health, so don’t skip this part of the equation. But, you do not ever have to increase your activity to the point of exhaustion, just to burn body fat! No way, this is definitely not needed when you fast every day! Sleep in and enjoy your life.
  4. It eliminates many diseases. You can bet that if you were on the verge of diabetes, fasting will diminish that! Not to mention digestion and skin conditions too. Fasting is the best way to allow the body to cleanse, and also eliminate toxins. When we constantly eat, our bodies focus is on digestion, that’s when we get a build-up of toxic wastes that accumulate in the body. There is no need to green juice or go on a cleanse. Just stop eating for a period of time and allow your own body to do what it’s always been programmed for.

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