This Kind of Fat You Have Can Determine Your Chance Of Developing Diabetes

This Kind of Fat You Have Can Determine Your Chance Of Developing Diabetes

New studies show that more of a specific fat can help uncover your diabetes risk

This is great news Imagine a test that shows just how close your chances are to developing diabetes. Why is this important? Diabetes has magnified worldwide, and sometimes a lack of education about nutrition and exercise can increase your chances. Wouldn’t you love the potential to know just how susceptible you or a  family member may be to developing diabetes? Perhaps this evidence could change someone’s life. Maybe it might save a life in the process. Unfortunately, most people diagnosed with diabetes spend many years living a lifestyle that awaits a less-than-ideal fate. Take my own mother’s diagnosis. Mum, unfortunately, spent her time overeating the wrong foods too often and not exercising enough as she could have. Unfortunately, it eventually led to her diabetes diagnosis, triggering pancreatic cancer. I often wonder if eating a healthier diet would have allowed my mum the gift of living the rest of her life to its full potential. That’s why I’m so passionate about preventing diabetes — as it only takes a little lifestyle switch to see us beating the onset of developing diabetes. A study was conducted on healthy adult volunteers between 18 and 35. Their body mass index ranged from between 18–25. Blood samples were taken, and lifestyle interviews were also conducted. This exercise aimed to activate the brown fat within the participants. Cooling suits were worn, bringing the participant’s temperature below the shivering point. After two hours (the time it took to take the readings), researchers removed the cooling suits, whilst imaging and blood samples were taken to conclude the findings. The brown fat was analysed from each participant, and glucose, insulin, lipid, and other metabolite levels. These correlated with the volume and intensity of the brown fat. Participants were placed in a low or high brown fat category based on a median cut-off. A higher level of brown fat was associated with early metabolic dysfunction. Pre-cooling glucose, insulin, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and triglyceride levels were significantly higher in the high brown fat group than in the low brown fat group. As a result, those with significantly more brown fat had a higher BMI. Participants with low brown fat were found to conduct a controlled diet and exercise regularly. This study then concluded that brown fat played a significant role in influencing metabolic health. The molecular imaging that uncovered this finding is probably the least evasive way to study brown fat in humans and provides an accurate and easy determining reason to assist others in re-evaluating their lifestyle habits. It would be the one way to stop the onset of diabetes, save lives, and help keep another disease from manifesting.


One: Exercise in cool temperatures

Try to take off layers or exercise in cooler temperatures.


This Kind of Fat You Have Can Determine Your Chance Of Developing Diabetes

Sweating will help you activate a cooling method as it evaporates and further help you cool down. So, get outdoors in the cold or exercise with less clothing — either way, you are more likely to activate brown fat.


Two: Eat apples with the peel

Researchers at the University of Lowa found that Ursolic acid (found in apple peel) helps boost brown fat activation in mice — even if the mice were fed a high-fat diet!


Three: Don’t overeat

Overeating increases white fat and interferes with brown fats’ ability to burn calories.


Four: Control diabetes

As this post indicates — control your chances of developing diabetes with nutrition and exercise. But, if it so happens that you already have diabetes — make it your priority to control what you eat and the type of exercise you do more closely. Then, as you lose weight, brown fat will be lower to help you manage your diabetes. 

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