Eliminate Your Chance of Obesity & Diabetes In One Simple Way

Eliminate Your Chance of Obesity & Diabetes In One Simple Way

It would be this one simple thing you are doing that’s harming your cardiovascular health

Research tells us time and time again just how vital sleep is for our well-being and health. But, there might be one thing you are missing which could solve a piece of your sleep puzzle. As important as it is to ensure your room is at the right temperature, all devices are sent to silent; the amount of light that’s somehow getting into your room can affect your health. Compared to a dimly lit room, exposure to even the most moderate of ambient lighting during nighttime sleep harms your cardiovascular function during sleep and increases insulin resistance the following morning. Northwestern Medicine Study reported on this finding. This study demonstrates that just one night of exposure to moderate room lighting can impair glucose and cardiovascular regulation. There are also many other risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. “It’s important for people to minimise their exposure to light during sleep.” Dr Phyllis Zee, Chief of Sleep Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School Of Sleep Medicine. Evidence suggests that light exposure during daytime increases heart rate, kicking your heart into high gear and heightened alertness to meet those upcoming challenges during the day. A similar effect takes place from light exposure during nighttime sleep. 

Here are some disturbing results from light exposure during your sleep

One: Your heart rate increases when the body doesn’t rest properly

Even though you might be sleeping, your body still kicks in when exposed to light in the room. Usually, your heart rate and cardiovascular parameters are lower at night and higher during the day. The sympathetic nervous system regulates your body according to the environment. 

This is how evening light exposure can lead to diabetes and obesity

Investigators found that insulin resistance occurs in the morning after people sleep in a lighted room. You may not be aware of these changes, but your brain senses them. 

Light exposure, your health and nutrition

“Sleep, proper nutrition and exercise, and light exposure during the day are essential for health. But, even the most modest light exposure can impair the heart and endocrine system.” Says Zee 

Here are some ways you can limit your exposure to light during the night

One: If you cannot physically control the light exposure in your room, wear a mask Two: Use a colour like amber or red/orange as it’s less stimulating for the brain. Stay away from blue and white light (which you will find in all our devices!) Three: Don’t turn the lights on. Get a dim light, or keep one close to a door for older adults. 

Key TakeawaysThese small ways to limit your light exposure can make a huge difference in your life. When using devices as your alarm, I have an excellent tick you can use that will limit your light exposure (especially when having to get up to feed babies or check on the time.).


One: Got to your settings Two: Go to brightness and display (Screen Shot)

Light settings for daytime. Authors image.
Light settings for daytime. Authors image.


Light settings for daytime. Authors image. Three: Click on dark when you are about to go to sleep. (Screen Shot)



  Set to Dark appearance during the evening. Authors Image. This one little iPhone hack alone has stopped me from falling back asleep

Set to Dark appearance during the evening. Authors Image.
Set to Dark appearance during the evening. Authors Image.

When I look at my phone through the night.

 You can’t help waking up sometimes, whether to visit the bathroom or because of another family member. But, if you can keep the bright lights off, you won’t have difficulty getting back to sleep. It makes a huge difference — so do give it a try. If you want to read more about these findings, please read this report. 

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