Decrease Your Risk of Type Two Diabetes by Doing More of This

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This is one thing you can do every single day, that may help you decrease your risk of type two diabeties

Type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the most debilitating conditions affecting millions worldwide.

Diabetes has touched my life through the story of my wonderful mother. Mums lifestyle choices were not ideal, and although her weight was not on the level of obesity, she did overeat and did the wrong things. Eventually, this took its toll on her health and well-being, so she developed diabetes.

We took intervention through nutrition, dieting and exercise, which helped her lose 14kg in a year. It was an outstanding achievement, and I believe the modified fasting I encouraged her to practice daily helped decrease her appetite and get those fat-burning hormones working again.

Soon enough, though, she experienced many other problems — such as high blood pressure, exhaustion, and feeling unwell. Then, as the next couple of years progressed, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Then our journey towards her impeding death after six months began.

If this journey taught me one essential thing, it’s this; we must look after our health, and that’s by consistently eating the right foods and exercising. I’m not talking about obsessing here — I’m referring to the bare-bone basics, which I constantly repeat within everything I write.

How much activity do we need to help us prevent the onset of type two diabetes?

A study conducted at Turku PET Centre in Finland investigated whether you can achieve health benefits by reducing the daily sedentary time during a three-month intervention period. The participants in this study were sedentary and physically inactive working adults.

As you may have guessed, these people increased their risk of type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease on those factors alone!

Researchers split these people into two groups. One group reduced sitting time by one hour per day by standing up more and doing light activities, and the other group kept up with their sedentary lifestyle. All participants were measured with accelerometers over three months, which gave far more accurate findings.

Throughout the three months, the researcher observed health outcomes related to blood sugar regulation, insulin sensitivity and liver health.

The general public must know that reducing your sitting time can help you achieve health benefits. That means indulging in some lighter-intensity activity.

Key take awayWhile the art of standing up isn’t quite enough to get all those health benefits while preventing disease, you are better off doing some form of light activity (like walking, jogging, or riding your bike). A reduction in sitting down does slow the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Some super-effective activities to think about

  • lifting weights
  • power walking
  • stepper or using the steps
  • skipping rope
  • circuit training

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