Good News — Women Should Drink More of One Thing to Help Lower Body Fat

Woman Drinking Coffee

You are going to love this one, ladies!

I got excited when I saw this piece of research! Drinking this beverage every day is part of my life energy. It helps me get going in the morning and face other human beings and their demands! I see hundreds of people carrying this on the train while walking to work — and of course, in the office multiple times a day. Our work bribes us with a complimentary serving once a week— because they know we love it so much (and it gets us working in the office rather than remotely)! If it were available as a drip, I would probably be the first one in line to have one in extra strength form. But alas, I like the ritual of drinking this. You can probably tell now that I’m referring to coffee! And you are indeed correct! Around 7 million tons of coffee are consumed globally every day! Researcher’s examined data from the National Health and nutrition examination survey, looking at the relationship between how many cups of coffee were drunk per day and the total body fat percentage in the abdominals (or trunk). After the data was collated, it uncovered women aged between 20–44 that drank two or three cups of coffee per day had the lowest levels of adiposity, 3.4% lower than people who didn’t love coffee enough to drink it. For women aged between 45–61, more than four cups had an even more significant effect on adiposity — 4.1%, to be exact! The total average body fat percentage was 2.8% lower amongst women of all ages who drank two to three cups of coffee per day. It’s also essential to note that these findings were constant for decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee amongst smokers and non-smokers who suffered chronic disease and were in good health.Unfortunately for men, the relationship between drinking coffee and body fat was not as significant. Men between 22–44 drinking two to three cups of coffee per day had 1.3% less total fat and 1.8% less trunk fat than those who didn’t drink coffee. Dr Lee and senior author of this study, say:Our research suggests that there may be bioactive compounds in coffee other than caffeine that regulate weight and could potentially be used as an anti-obesity compound. It could be that coffee, and its ingredients, integrated with a healthy diet strategy to reduce the burden of chronic conditions related to the obesity epidemic.” 

Key Take-Aways

This is excellent news for all coffee lovers — male and female alike. Here are some ways I use coffee during my weight loss and energy-boosting journey One: Drinking coffee as a pre-workout — as opposed to a particular shake Two: Drinking only black coffee at a specific time of the day (for the biggest and best alertness boost). Three: Drinking black coffee while fasting to combat hunger Four: Use coffee in protein balls for an added boost Coffee can be added to almost anything, and now that we know it’s a contributor to fat loss, why not use it daily without feeling guilty? You might not have enough! You can read more about this study here. 

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