This Risky Diet May Leave You Susceptible to Colorectal Cancer

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The most important way to help eliminate colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer can hit both the young and old.
Years ago, it was deemed an ‘old person’s cancer, but now, many 20-something-year-olds are falling prey to it, and unfortunately, in most cases, the diagnosis is terminal.
Colorectal cancer takes over 50k lives every year in the United States alone. It’s painful to think of how many lives it may take in other countries.

What you’re eating that may cause cancer

Researchers have discovered that recent tumours that contain high levels of perks + E.coli bacteria are apparent in diets with high red meat consumption and processed meats.
Unhealthy foods are believed to stimulate the cancer-inducing activity of colibactin, a substance from E. coli in the gut.
High consumption of a Westernised diet that contains processed foods, meats, sugars and refined carbs can cause intestinal inflammation, which could trigger colorectal tumours.

It’s not only read meat but something else

A poor diet of this kind can also trigger an imbalance of intestinal gut microbiota, yet another instance that can trigger colorectal cancer.
Prior studies have already linked E.coli and other bacteria to this cancer.
Westernised diets might induce greater risks for tumour development with considerable amounts of pks+Ecoli.
Although Colibactim encourages tumour growth, researchers uncover that a healthy gut microbiome may halt or cease tumour progression.
For example, the University of Michigan scientists found that a metabolite called reuterin, produced by the bacteria Lactobacillus reuterin shows anti-cancer potential in patients with colorectal cancer cell lines.
This can reduce oxidative stress in CRC cells and stop tumour proliferation and volume in vivo models.

Key take away

Although studies are still inconclusive regarding the correct outcome, there is a big red sign of how powerful a diet is when it comes to shrinking tumours or protecting yourself from developing this cancer.
It’s unfortunate for me to tell you that this form of cancer is genetic in one sense, but many cases are slowly moving towards inadequate diet and lifestyle habits.

Your diet can affect everything

We, as a society, don’t put enough emphasis on preventing disease and cancer from occurring.
The regret starts to take place when the diagnosis is already terminal.
We have to alter this inner conflict of being indestructible.
Only so much damage can our bodies take before they break down because of disease onset.

Imagine if we intervened

How many people could be saved from evasive surgery and treatment?
If something as simple as altering one’s diet could make such a big impact, why aren’t we moving in that direction?
If, as a concerned human being, I could give one recommendation — it would be to adopt the Mediterranean diet since it decreases the overall cancer mortality rate of those living along the Mediterranean coast.
Although there is no study right now which can give us the exact amount of agents to produce this outcome, the best thing you can do is follow a nutritional plan that is sound, backed by research and can positively impact your health.
Simply put, increase your consumption of vegetables, olive oil, avocado, nuts, fruit, beans, lentils, and small amounts of fish, and severally limit red and processed meats. You really should not be eating these sources of meat at all.

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