Why it’s so hard to stop eating unhealthy foods all the time

Some people can’t seem to help themselves

During my bodybuilding days, I’d see women who couldn’t take the heat of dieting. It was restrictive, boring and just not that appealing. I mean, think about eating a boiled egg and a can of tuna for breakfast. That was pretty much my diet for about six or so months. It’s no wonder I didn’t get mercury poisoning! The difference was that I had a big goal — a purpose beyond just getting on stage, spray tans and fake nails. For me, that was knowing just how far I could re-shape my body and win. I’m pretty competitive, and a little slice of cake isn’t going to force me to abolish my diet. But, I was on a winning spree, and I knew certain foods I had to eat, supplements to take and training I stuck to religiously. A goal with a mighty purpose helps us all move towards it faster, without straying towards temptations. They keep you fixed with your eye on the prize. A tree takes a lot of force to become unrooted. And that’s how powerful your goals should be. It will require an unstoppable army to knock you down. If your goals aren’t compelling enough and embedded in your heart, then it’s far too easy for temptations to come crawling in and to snatch your attention and see to it that you fail. Here is why you can’t stop eating unhealthy foods and how we can stop it from messing up your goals 

You don’t have any solid nutrition goals in place

What are your goals? Mine are peak conditioning, lean muscle mass and building on my strength. These goals are fundamental to me and require proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to sustain the training, working full-time family commitments I have every day. It’s never easy to handle all these things, and sometimes stress and sleep deprivation pop up. But when you are eating well, these don’t weigh you down a lot. So it becomes a lot easier to bounce back. This is what I love about making the best food choices. You can rest assured that your commitment to proper meals and the right macros will allow you to be at your best more days than not.

You have a severe sugar obsession during energy slumps

Junk food choices contain toxic ingredients and sugar. They aren’t suitable for your body in large doses and provide empty calories with no nutritional value. Sugar feeds your fat cells. Eating sugary treats when you are tired may give you a high, but you will experience a downward spiral in energy. That’s when the mood swings arrive, lethargy and more sugar cravings to lift you back up again. This is an awful way to feel from day today, and you become very unproductive, possibly a drag to be around as well. So why do it to yourself?

Well, this is all sugars fault! The habit will cause many long-term health problems. To eliminate the hold sugar has on you — cut it cold turkey or slowly start to use less and less of it, which becomes a minimal shock to the body. This was how I kicked the sugar habit — and it was not easy. I used sugar as the essential pick me up at 3 pm. It took me over nine months to kick the habit, and I had several mood tantrums and cravings for a chocolate pool. Yes, that’s disgusting, but at the time, I wanted to swim in it with my mouth open. Wow, that’s gross — but it’s me being honest. It’s not easy, but you can too if I can do it!

You don’t YET have the onset of a severe health problem

I know this is pretty in-your-face talk, but most people don’t even move towards change unless they are told death may be their reality. You don’t have to wait for a considerable shock, a fear of serious illness to push you into action. Regrettably, most people have to resort to last-minute measures to regain their health again. Some may be very lucky, whilst others will, unfortunately, run into the sorry fate that their time has run out. Either situation is never a good option, and every person would no doubt wish they had done something about it sooner. Now, I know it’s hard to change, and it also takes a lot of persistence, guts and hard work. But let me tell you, anything that’s worthwhile and can change your life almost certainly is complicated in some way. No one can escape that challenging road. But, anyone can start by deciding to change whilst developing grit as every day passes. 

Take away

Whilst I don’t claim any change is easy, it’s also our inner self that makes it a lot harder than it can be. But as I speak to you from a person who’s made a huge chunk of changes to my diet over the years, I can say with great certainty that taking the first step is always the most challenging. Courage and persistence are built within that very first moment. It gets easier and easier as you keep taking it day by day, keeping your goal in your heart and your head on straight. That’s pretty much all you need to do. Make the decision, and start on step one. Initially, it will take a lot of thought, persistence and a bit of self-motivation — but the day will come when inbuilt into your conscious and becomes part of your daily life. Take charge of your destiny. Now, that’s freedom in mind, body and spirit. It can change your life. 

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