Three Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat — And What To Do About It

Belly fat is one of the most frustrating problems for many people — including myself. Finding perfection in a particular food plan is unachievable.

The secret to abs is that there is no secret — it’s pretty straightforward and possibly downright uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say I like sacrificing the little treats I love to get the six-pack showing. Ok, so sometimes its’ worth it — I will admit that! I do get that you may be doing the right thing, yet nothing is working.There will be days when your stomach looks like there is a beer bun in the oven. Maybe you ate something which causes a bit of unhappiness down there. It’s all a bit of a puzzle to figure out sometimes. Just for the record, ab crunches won’t do the job either. Most people fail to understand the correct breathing technique that makes developing abdominal definition effectively. But that’s for another article. In the meantime, doing thousands of ab exercises won’t get rid of the rolls.(but it may give you a very sore neck in the process). 

Reason one: You aren’t triggering the hormones needed for fat loss.

This is an essential part of losing that stubborn body fat. The right kind of hormones has to become activated, for your body gets to work and use the stored body fat available. This one used to throw me all the time. I would be eating well, doing my cardio and weight training — but nothing was working. And you may have found yourself in a similar situation. Don’t worry; it’s happened to the best of us. Yes, you can get some leverage from all the usual things, but why not bypass the hit and miss strategy and get straight into a results-orientated path?That’s why I always recommend people take the fasting route to fat loss success. It’s not starving, it’s not going to harm you, and humans have used it for more years than any of us have been on the planet. When you stop eating for a certain amount of time (the minimal time is 12 hours), you lower insulin, and then (and only then) does your body tap into its fat reserves for energy. Do this over time, and you will find weight loss becomes effortless. Some people may need to fast for extended periods if their results are slow or stagnated.It’s a matter of experimenting to see what works for you. Lowering insulin sets off a cascade of hormones that help your body become more efficient at burning stored fat. This is the state you want your body to be in — so that even when you’re not fasting, it’s still working its fat loss magic trigger. Solution practice intermittent fasting daily & make sure you do some form of exercise to create a double fat burning booster. 

Reason two: You are eating the wrong foods.

You will probably say, “well, I know that abs are created in the kitchen”, and yes, you are right. But did you know that a belly can become enlarged and bloated due to food intolerance’s, allergies and inefficient gut microbiome? This is probably one of the most underestimated problems around today. If you cannot digest your food correctly or are reacting to something you eat every day, it could pose a big problem for your health and belly fat accumulation. 

Pay attention to the reactions you may get from the following foods:

– Bread- Dairy- Beans- Onions and garlic- Certain fruits like apples and watermelon (the ones that have a higher sugar content)- Different kinds of gum, candy and other artificial sugar. Over time, these items can cause a lot of distress in our guts. They cause inflammation in the body and make us more susceptible to gaining weight and developing health issues. Solution My advice is to monitor your symptoms and eliminate the culprit for good. I know it’s challenging, but your belly will thank you for it.Trust me, you will notice the difference, and it won’t be worth the tummy trouble anymore. P.S. As we get older, you may notice that certain foods upset your gut or stomach. Please take note of the culprit at hand and eliminate that as well (the joys of getting older and more sensitive). 

Reason Three: More or less isn’t necessarily better.

I want to touch upon a couple of points here — rolled into one. Both run hand in hand at causing a lot of harm to our bodies — especially when we are going all in day after day. For you, that may mean restricting too many calories, exercising too much and just being extremely hard on yourself. None of these provides any value for your fat loss or health long term. Eliminating excess weight and fat from our bodies takes time — and if you’ve been dieting for a while, chances are it may take even longer! Our bodies sense what’s happening immediately and put a halt to your progression. It’s frustrating — but it’s a fact. You can’t inflict damage throughout the years without your body biting you on the backside when you want something from it. Know your limits when it comes to exercise, don’t overthink, and overanalyze every portion of food and the number acquired on the scale. Things change daily, and weight loss should be a lifestyle plan based on the results beneficial for health and longevity. Life can cause a tremendous amount of stress, but those situations do pass as with anything. Don’t give yourself a hard time when you miss a meal, a workout or a good nights sleep. Just take it in as it comes, and move towards a better day.If you exercise that kind of flexibility with your life, anything you set out to achieve will be possible. I do hope this info helps you out. It’s been an incredibly long educational journey for me, and one which will never end. Just remember that putting your health first is the ultimate achievement — weight loss is a byproduct of that


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