Is building muscle mass the most effective way to burn fat?

Building muscle mass is an effective way to burn fat, but not the most effective way. There is never one set method that can give you the best results; rather, it’s several different strategies you can use to make the process a whole lot easier.
Building muscle takes a lot of time, energy and effort, and you have to know what you are doing to get the best results. Not every one that lifts weight will be able to form a chiselled body, and one that is actually of low body fat.
I’ll share my fat burn recommendations to you below.

Four ways to burn fat fast & change your body shape

  1. Use compound movements regularly when weight training. Building muscle and burning fat requires the usage of many systems in the body. You are using large muscle groups when training, produces a cascade of hormonal changes, which trigger fat burning as well as muscle-building potential. You are not going to trigger this hormonal response if you are performing upright rows or most of the machine-based exercises. There isn’t enough force utilised to make a difference metabolically. But, when you squat, deadlift, bench press, chin or pull up and lunge, the potential of muscle used and the exertion it causes, is on a whole other level! This is why when you go to the gym, you may see many people NOT performing these essential exercises. Yes, they are challenging, and will leave you feeling sore, and possibly with a little bit of a bruised ego. This is mainly because starting means extremely low weights when lifting. Perhaps the woman beside you is lifting 100kg, and you can only lift 50kg? I say, so what! Just get in there, learn how to execute them to perfection, and do it over and over again! Leg day should be your most prized day of all, given that it’s the most intense, and the most results-driven kind of training you can do. Don’t be afraid, do it!
  2. HIIT as the fat burning tool it’s meant to be. HIIT is extremely effective at targeting those stubborn layers of body fat that will not budge from diet and weight training alone. The real kick-starter for this is that you must work to your most optimum capacity, for the duration needed, before you transition to active recovery. The on and off process should still leave your heart rate high, without decreasing it too much during active recovery. It will be hard to catch your breath, but this is the beauty of HIIT. That intensity will drive hormonal changes, which increase fat-burning intensely during and after your session ends.
  3. Use fasting as a fat loss accelerator. Fasting is the best and easiest way to fast track your fat loss and increase human growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for fat burning and muscle building, and it’s the one hormone many people pay to enhance. Enhancing it takes a fasting protocol, preferably of 20 hours for the best effect. Even if you fast for 2–3 days per week, you will still receive great results. If you want to lose al of body fat fast, then try fasting every day, alternating the timing, so that you have some meal flexibility. There is no right or wrong here, start small, and then proceed to enhance as time goes on. This is one of the best lifestyle strategies for weight loss, building muscle and of course, maintenance.
  4. Focus on food – whole foods, fresh, wholesome and organic when possible. Fat loss cannot be achieved without a proper eating plan and one that is consistent every day. Include protein with every meal, and make sure you are always eating enough vegetables and fats too. All of these combined, with limited and small amounts of carbs, will become key to your weight loss success story.

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