How One Training Method Can Uniquely Burn Body Fat In Men & Women

How One Training Method Can Uniquely Burn Body Fat In Men & Women

Using this method will help target fat stores for energy

There is growing evidence proving that a unique training method can provide us with leverage to burn body fat. I have used this method for years and have found it very powerful in many ways. It keeps my body young, fit and healthy — which cardio doesn’t provide alone. For many years, women have shunned weight training favouring long-ended, static cardio without awareness of how vital resistance training is for both sexes. Here are some of the benefits lifting weights brings. 

One: Lowers your body fat.

As you build muscle, body fat will naturally begin to diminish. Building muscle increases your metabolism and helps keep it elevated throughout the day. You don’t need to do an extraordinary amount of activity to increase your metabolism. Leaving it up to your nutrition and weight training, as well as some incidental exercise, is more than enough. 

Two: Strengthening your bones

It’s pretty easy for younger people to dismiss the realisation that their age will increase one day. Along with this natural occurrence come many health issues and a decrease in bone density. Weight training provides the means for keeping bones strong and supple. It will become your leverage against falls and fractures that might occur in the future. 

Three: Improve your mental health

Just as runners get high, so do we. Weight lifting provides natural relief from stress, anxiety and the everyday pressures we face as human beings. Those endorphins triggered during exercise send mood-boosting signals to our brain. That’s probably why we become so attached to our workouts. They made us feel good, even though this wasn’t the case at the start of the session. As my friend and I always say — you never regret working out because of how good you feel inside afterwards. 

Four: Cardiovascular health improvement

As I have written before, there is strong evidence that weight training improves cardiovascular health. Strength training improves the efficiency of your heart and helps reduce body fat. You can read more about it here. The evidence is clear and readily available through the findings below. Findings from the University of Kentucky College of medicine and health sciences study add growing evidence for resistance training and its unique way of diminishing fat stores in the body. FASEB journal found that resistance exercises regulate fat cell metabolism at a molecular level. This particular study resulted from both humans and mice, showing the response to loading, which resulted in the muscle’s release of particles called extracellular vesicles, giving fat cells the direct instructions to transition towards fat burning. These vessels were thought to only play a part in selectively eliminating proteins & lipids. During these recent studies, scientists discovered they also play a role in intracellular communication. John McCarthy, PhD and Associate Professor for the UK Department of Psychology, states, “To our knowledge, this demonstrates how weight training ignites metabolic adaptations in fat tissue, which determined whole-body metabolic outcomes.” 

Key takeaways

This is terrific news for both men and women contemplating new and more effective means for maintaining a steady weight throughout their lifetime. If you intend to lead a healthy life during your time on this earth, I urge you to take up weight training to achieve that goal. Not only will you look younger, but you will feel fabulous and live your life in good health and vitality. Read more about this topic here. 

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