5 essential tips for fat loss and weight maintenance

To control body fat, a high level of importance is needed within your dietary choices, your training and also balancing your hormones. I must point out the importance of using exercise as a means to control your body fat. It’s impossible to out-train a bad diet, but it’s also challenging to achieve a significant amount of fat loss without some form of exercise. Weight training is up amongst the best strategies to maintain weight loss, as well as keeping an athletic physique. Given the circumstances we are in now, that may pose to be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to control our nutrition and aim to do whatever we can to keep active and remain healthy.

Some of the points below will be basic to some, but I’d like to remind you all of the adverse effects of not remaining in some nutritional and exercise regime. It’s not only crucial for our health but the state at which we keep our mind and mindset.

Five essential tips for fat loss and weight maintenance

Eliminate processed foods. 

As you would already know, processed foods aren’t suitable for any of us, especially if we are aiming to keep our body fat low, increase our longevity and keep us in a practical mood. Processed foods contain nothing but dyes, chemicals, artificial additives with modified macronutrients. This means our bodies don’t know how to metabolise these substances. A moment of joy on the lips poses a disaster for the body. Reading labels is highly important because the foods you may think are healthy (like energy bars, drinks and even so-called whole-grain foods) can be filled with these toxic ingredients. Don’t be fooled by misleading advertising and bright graphics – always read the nutritional label. If you want to maintain your body fat levels or decrease your weight, it’s essential to remove these chemically filled foods from your diet. I know this may be hard for some, but it’s a necessary and vital step.

Eat good quality fats – don’t run away from them. 

Dietary fats are used to make up the lipid layer of cells and are involved in the production of muscle-building hormones, like testosterone.

For men, diets that contain 30–50 per cent of fats are associated with higher testosterone levels than low-fat diets. Keep this in mind if you are a man and want to keep your body fat low. The key here is to eat the correct fats and eliminate the hydrogenated kind from your diet. Hydrogenated fats impair insulin receptor cells, decrease your energy and slow your metabolism. This can lead to higher levels of LDL cholesterol, putting you at risk of heart disease. This is the reason why we’ve discussed the elimination of processed foods – because I guarantee, hydrogenated oils are included in the ingredients! Fill your diet with fats that are rich in omega-three from wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef and use cold-pressed olive oil in your salads as well as avocado.

High protein diet is essential. 

You probably already know that protein is a powerhouse when it comes to fat loss, maintenance and muscle building. Ensuring you have a diet that’s rich in high-quality protein sources like eggs, chicken breast, fresh fish, and turkey will give you the most excellent amino acid intake per unit of energy that you eat. Strive to eat more organic sources of meat, as they contain the highest levels of protein and nutrients. When you use protein as your primary source of nutrition, you will develop better eating habits, will regulate your energy, mood and keep yourself full for more extended periods. As you know, this is essential to stop any mindless snacking that can interfere with your body composition goals. Make sure you couple your high protein meals with fresh vegetables and a source of fat for the best results.

Low glycaemic carbs. 

Cycle your consumption of carbs by mainly consuming them from berries and vegetables. When you train, allow yourself some carbohydrates from natural sources, such as sweet potato and oats. This will create an outstanding balance of fat burning and replenishment from lack of carbohydrates. This will significantly increase your chances of maintaining ideal body composition, keeping fat stores under control, plus allowing you to keep eating the carbs you like and enjoy. – without feeling deprived. Remember – eat carbs when you train, and the rest of the time, get your carbs from veggies and berries only. Cycle according to your training schedule.

Drink water regularly and beware of caffeine which can dehydrate you. 

This means no juice, soda and even diet soda is off the cards. Drink pure, freshwater regularly – up to about 3–4 litres per day. The more you sweat, and the warmer it is, the more water you will most likely need to drink to compensate for this. If you are new to consuming larger amounts of water, gradually increase your consumption daily, or set a reminder on your phone to drink every 30 minutes, even when you don’t feel thirsty.

Green tea and coffee have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and provide you with a slight boost to your resting metabolic rate. Plus, green tea is filled with antioxidants and supports your wellbeing. Try to drink the organic variety so that it contains fewer chemicals and more of an antioxidant profile. I hope this has been helpful to you.

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