3 of the best tips for weight loss – that’s sustainable long term

Weight loss is most definitely a long journey for most people. Some are lucky enough to have the metabolism flexible sufficient to get results within a month or so. For me, weight loss doesn’t happen less than three months into the process. Within a year is more like a realistic plan for most people. Fast and furious weight loss doesn’t win the long-term race.

Here are the best tips I have for weight loss, that have kept me in maintenance mode for a while, and will continue to do so as long as I follow the principles closely, and maintain it throughout my lifespan

3 of the best tips for weight loss – that’s sustainable long term

1. Fasting Daily. There is nothing more effective than fasting daily. We all eat far too much food, and continually eating isn’t helping our metabolism in any way. IF you give your body a break from eating, you allow your body to tap into fat reserves for energy, diminish insulin and ignite human growth hormone levels. For those that want to trim down, this is what you want to happen all the time. Plus, it helps you to build muscle. Just think of the health and weight loss benefits you’ll receive only by eating less per day. This is essential now, when most people are stuck at home, unable to get out and about as usual. Try it and see how effective it is.

2. Weight train. Since this is a challenging feat without gyms open, you can get effective results by using resistant bands, or any portable weights. When the gyms do finally free, rest assured that lifting weights – especially heavy ones, will help you re-shape your body, burn fat and strengthen your bones. There is no better way to hit three goals at once by just lifting heavy things continuously. I love weight training and will continue to do it throughout my entire life.

3. Change your diet – no more processed foods. Processed foods are the enemy here. They are useless when it comes to any nutritional value and make us feel terrible anyway. Focus instead on consuming enough protein, your vegetables, fats and complex carbohydrates in moderation. These are what aid in weight loss, health and longevity. I do understand that we all need a treat once in a while, and that’s fine – but it’s consuming them every single day, that will not assist us with anybody composition goals.

These are the three things I consistently do and work very well for me. I’m sure others who are on the same pathway, will tell you something quite similar. Weight loss is a straightforward process, but it’s not easy for anyone, and we all must keep working on it over and over again.

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