What is the best proven method to build muscle quickly and naturally, no BS?

There are many ways in which you can build muscle naturally, and at a faster rate. Fortunately I know nothing about drug enhancements, therefore I’m not experienced enough in that area to compare the two. Good old fashioned body building surely surpasses any kind of enhancement taking over the long term. Here goes.

4 methods that will generate muscle mass at a faster rate.

  1. Favour multi join movements over single joint training.
    Stick with the biggest movements you can, that create the most impact. These are squats, dead-lifts, lunges, pull ups and chin ups, as well as bench presses. You will get the most positive hormonal changes, as well as the largest fat burn. Transition to single joint movements at the end of your training session. It’s important to schedule all your energy for the big movements first – unless you are aiming for pre-exhaust technique. But that’s for another Quora article.
  2. Avoid steady state cardio at all costs whilst in the building phase.
    Try hard to say no to steady state, long duration’s of cardio. This will eat away at your muscle growth, and leave you feeling spent on a daily basis. All your focus should be on conditioning – that’s it for now. If you are finding yourself putting on body fat, may I suggest Intermittent fasting. You will get amazing fat burning results ,as well as building muscle mass. This is also the luck of the draw, because a lot of people cannot grow on this eating plan. The important thing is to allow enough protein and calories for your sessions, during your feast time. If this is challenging, you may need to shrink the fasting time. Play around with this and see what works best for you.
  3. Improve your training technique.
    Proper form, range of movement and time under tension is important. Rushing through exercises and sets without using the mind muscle connection, will not generate results. Cheating on your movements will not benefit you. If you have trouble with these components of training, please do search on YouTube for more informative footage, and keep watching it until it’s cemented into your brain. Try the hardest movement’s with lower weight, until you get it right. It takes patience, time and practice to make this so ingrained
  4. Train twice per day.
    Structure your workouts carefully, opting for heavier, multi joint movements in the morning, followed by isolated exercises in the evening. Targeting the same muscle groups will give you the best results overall. Schedule at least 4–6 hours between sessions. Start with 40 minute workouts, and build up to about 60 minutes. Any more will become counterproductive.Nutrition is important if you are going down thus path. Make sure you get sufficient calories and protein to build and repair muscle periodically.
    Over training can become a downfall here. Only train this way 1–2 times per month, allocating enough rest days in between to allow for growth and repair.
  5. Split your muscle groups to really smash targeted muscles
    Splitting exercises will enhance the development of specific muscle groups, whist allowing recovery and rest for the already strained muscles. One example would be to train legs on Monday, and chest and back on Tuesday. Your legs are recovering on Tuesday, whilst you smash out chest and back on that very day. You will also generate better results from splitting muscle groups, and really using a targeting strategy.I hope these No BS suggestions help you. They have put me on a very positive path towards muscle growth and leanness. It’s good old fashioned common sense and hard work – but it’s worth every second of every moment. 🙂 I hope it helps you too.

I do hope this helps you, and good luck on your journey.

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