What is something that most people don’t understand about building muscle?

I think there are a lot of things most people don’t understand, especially women. I’m going to give my representation of what women have misunderstood for a long time when it comes to strength training and building muscle.

Five outdated myths women believe about strength training.

  1. They will get massive. Let me tell you now unless you take some form of enhancements; you will not become massive as a result of lifting weights. Women are not governed by testosterone as men are, and therefore, we do not have the genetic disposition to put on a lot of muscle as men do. Weight training, thus allows us to become stronger and reshape our physique. We can take it as far or as minimally as we think is appealing. There is no doubt that building muscle is one of the best things you can do for your metabolism. Muscle burns calories as you rest. This allows you more of a calorie surplus per day, without the usual weight gain of non-lifters. Weight training builds your bone density, making you more mobile and less likely to experience severe breaks as you transition into old age.
  2. Cardio is the best way to lose weight. Women mistakenly rush to the cardio equipment every day in the hope that they will lose body fat and become shapely. This is not the case entirely. Yes, you will burn body fat accordingly when you watch your macros and do both HIIT and low impact cardio. But the key component to weight loss and a faster metabolism (plus reshaping your body) is to lift weights! Yes, this is the best way. It does three things for you. 1. It will increase your metabolism, even when at rest. 2. It will help you lose body fat and reshape you. 3. It will make you stronger! You can’t get those things by doing cardio alone.
  3. Men and women need to train differently. Well, no, that’s not the case. Women can utilise the same movements that men do, even though we get different results. The results come about because of hormonal differences, genetics and our diets. Not one person will get the same results as another. As women, when we use the same lifting principles as men, we too experience strength, hypertrophy and reshaping of our bodies, but to a lesser degree. So don’t be afraid to get in there and try chin-ups, tricep dips, push-ups and the like. They are all beautiful exercises that can take your strength goals to another level.
  4. At a certain age, women are too old to train. NOW WAY! Anyone, men and women, can begin training at whatever age they feel like it, and still, develop a fantastic physique and energetic dispositions to carry them well into old age. Training when you are older retains your bone density, therefore making it faster for you to recover from ailments. It also keeps you looking and feeling younger, with boundless vitality. Who wants a walking stick like so many older people find themselves using? This does not have to be you, and you can still enjoy your life at any age!
  5. You have to eat a lot of protein when you lift the weight. Not necessarily! You only need to eat about 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight if you are an athlete. If you train hard and are consistent with your workouts, that means you. When you add that up to your total body weight, it’s not a whole lot. Protein does cause you to put on body fat if you consume more than what your body can use. Experiment with this one, as it varies from person to person. You will need more protein as you build muscle, and when your activity increases.

I think the false myth is about cardio. I won’t lie to you and say you don’t need cardio for leanness. You most certainly do need some cardio to tap into your fat stores. Not many of us have a super-fast metabolism. Therefore, we need to add cardio to our programs. In saying that, if I had to pick which one was most effective for me, long term, it would be strength training, Do not fall into the trap of excessive cardio for fat loss. Delve into the world of strength training and discover the difference it can make for you.

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