What can help you build muscle mass faster?

There are a few strategies you can use to enhance your bodies capability to build muscle, although it’s not an easy thing. Patience, commitment and diligence is needed for long periods of time, in order to see progression. It’s not only a matter of knowing what to do with your weights, it’s also runs hand in hand with your nutrition on a daily basis. I will share with you some basic principles that will help you get their faster.

10 key factors which will enhance your muscular growth at a faster rate.

  1. Focus on the eccentric movement.
    A longer tempo should be allocated to the eccentric (lowering phase) of the movement. This should be around about 4 seconds, whilst the concentric (lifting phase) runs at about 1–2 seconds. Allowing enough time for the lowering phase will greatly increase muscular damage, therefore execrate your growth.
  2. Fail often.
    Training to failure is key to developing both strength and hypertrophy. This is when you cannot conduct the movement with proper form. This produces a higher surge in protein synthesis – do it as often as you can.
  3. Training frequency.
    I highly recommend splitting muscle groups and using multi joined movements that maximise recovery and allow for greater training frequency.
  4. Allow for rest days.
    Recovery is just as important as training hard. Allow for these days within your schedule, so you may rest and recover, whilst having enhanced strength to hit it hard the following day.
  5. Protein is your best friend.
    Protein needs to be included in every meal, and if you cannot make your protein requirement due to work or family commitment, please do carry protein powder with you, in order to keep your intake high. Although it’s not idea, it’s better than nothing when you don’t have a choice.
  6. Cab cycling.
    To keep body fat in check, save your higher carb intakes for your heavy lifting days, and scale back when you are on a rest day.
  7. Make sure you drink enough water daily.
    Dehydration can kill your effort in the gym, as well as your potential for gains. It also elevated cortisol levels, which is a muscle killer. Drink about 3 litres per day, and always hydrate well before and after training. Sip during your rest periods.
  8. Always aim to improve your technique.
    Try not to cheat or use forced momentum for the upward movement. Follow the tempo instructions above, and make sure you are executing it properly with each and every rep.
  9. It’s nice to do two things at once, but not always realistic.
    My advice is to pick one (either lose weight or gain muscle) as it will become a frustrating battle between being on one side or the other. Aim to increase your muscle mass slowly, with proper nutrition, recovery and exercise, whilst being flexible that you may gain body fat but will be able to lose it down the track.
  10. No steady state cardio.
    Nothing kills gains like steady state cardio. Avoid it, opting for HIIT instead, or walking at a slow pace. You can always take up cardio once you have achieved your gains goals.

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