The One Herb Which Helps You Build Muscle – According to Science

The One Herb Which Helps You Build Muscle

Who would have thought something so simple could help

I had to write about this topic because I laughed when I saw the research paper!
I laughed so much because I accidentally found this herb (in the supermarket) and used it out of desperation to spice up my foods.
It was the only added ingredient I could use on all my foods that didn’t contain much sugar and additives — so I found a winner here.
Sometimes, when you eat multiple sources of protein, baked or steamed veggies and salads — herbs and salt doesn’t always cut it.
So, when I found this item in the supermarket and read the nutritional label, I started using it & never looked back.
It’s a convenient condiment when you do not consume added sugar. It’s pretty delicious (in my opinion, anyway).
Slavko Komarnytsky, PhD, a researcher involved in the work from the Plants for Human Health Institute, exposed rat skeletal muscle cells to different amounts of a measured protein called homobrassinolide.
When he did this, the result was an increase in protein synthesis and decreased protein degradation in the cells he injected this into.
This will appeal to all bodybuilders and anyone that wants to build muscle (although it’s not available for human consumption in that form)!
Healthy rats then received oral administration every day for 24 days.
Changes to their diet, body and weight were also measured.
Mice given the drug homobrassinolide increased their weight in lean body mass and slightly increased their caloric intake.
Researchers then repeated this study and gave the rats a high protein diet. Again, similar results occurred with this strategy.
Where can we get this herb, I hear you say — it’s mustard!
No, the injectable variety is not currently available on the market — but you never know what might happen in the future.
It could surprise you by showing up in your protein shake.
The point of this study was to highlight something which may help.
Does that mean adding mustard to your food helps?
Well, there isn’t any research to back that up, but in saying that, why not start by adding the purest form of mustard into your food choices and see what happens?
It’s not going to build a bicep, but your food will taste nicer. It’s very delicious.
Homobrassinolide is a type of brassinosteroid found in plants such as mustards, and that could mean adding it into our diet isn’t such a bad thing.
The question is, would you do it? I say, why not!
An all in one, successful plan for weight loss and building muscle mass doesn’t exist.
The different things we apply every day make up for those significant changes over time.
So if you find something natural that’s good for you and tastes delicious with food — why not give it a shot.
In the meantime, there is no quick fix to weight loss and building muscle.
It takes time and effort, and part of that effort will be the food we eat.
In addition, as we age, our muscle mass declines, and we must find ways to keep the muscle growth maintained and even exceed what we already have.
So, next time you are in the supermarket, look around for some mustard and see what it does for you — however small!
Who eats mustard regularly and wishes this was available in supplement form?

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