Prolong your life by doing this one thing – faster

Prolong your life by doing this one thing

This calls for a highly energetic and focused effort to gain massive results

As you age, things begin to decline in a downward motion. Those birthdays seem to increase faster than at 18, and suddenly, 40 begins. Some people feel it sooner than others. Your current health will determine how many of those candles impact your lifestyle. Leading a healthy life calls for simplicity — which isn’t always comfortable for a rare few people. However, simplicity still takes a bit of work and some effort. Science and researchers can give us all the facts and numbered statistics, but the work and effort still lie in your own hands. Unfortunately, despite its danger, more people are becoming disturbingly sedentary. The pandemic saw us stuck at home in the same room for years and eliminated our capacity to move about a lot. As a result, weight increased, and so did disease markers in many people. Now that we are out and about more often, there is still some lack of motivation to move and start making healthy eating and activity an essential part of our lives. Any form of exercise is better than none — but what if I told you there was one form that extends and enhances the quality of your life as you begin to age? The answer to that is muscle power lifts. As we age from 40, our muscle power tends to deteriorate. Power is strongly associated with the mortality rate. But the great news is you don’t have to throw your hands up in defeat if you are now over 40. Start putting some plans in place to increase the power and strength of the muscles in your body. The first step is to make sure you end the sedentary lifestyle. When you go to the gym, instead of focusing on the weight you lift (Which is important too) or the repetitions you can execute due to your strength, start changing your tune by concentrating instead on power training results. That goes beyond that typical strength threshold, and try to get some speed into your weight lifts. You might be thinking that powerlifting is very similar to this. That’s a yes and a no for me. Powerlifting focuses on the heavyweight lifted — not only the speed. But you don’t need to go as far as cleaning and pressing hundreds of kilograms. The art of the movement lies in the pace at which it’s conducted with the weight you can lift, even though it’s a little struggle. 

Here are the basics of how you can increase your muscle power

One: Choose exercises that focus on the upper and lower body — sometimes simultaneously. Two: Choose the maximal amount of weight you can lift — that being, not too heavy, you can’t lift it, but not too light that you don’t break out a sweat. Three: One to three sets of six to eight repetitions with a swift movement are ideal Four: Rest up for 20 seconds after each group and start again! 

Here are some key points to remember

  • If you can’t make the final set, or it’s getting too complex, lower the weight or the repetition number
  • If it becomes too easy, add a little more weight and keep challenging yourself.
  • Don’t cheat on your repetitions. It’s better to stop than to perform the movement in a way that could cause injury.
  • Start slow if you are new to training — better yet, get the help of a personal trainer when starting.

This is a great way to change your training schedule and add a bit of a challenge to your weight training workouts. I’ll be adding this one several times a week.

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