Here is Some Helpful Workout Advice On Training As You Age From Arnold

Woman lifting weights and becoming muscular in the gym

The legend reveals his daily 1.5-hour training schedule

It’s hard to tone down your workout time, despite the expanding birthday candles.
But, sometimes, age can cause a few limitations.
Back then, Arnie would lift weights for five hours a day to build the physique that gave him many competitive bodybuilding titles.
At age 23, he was the youngest-ever winner of Mt Olympia — one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions. Mind you, this was his first contest.
Arnold was not only a talented & gifted bodybuilder — but an ambitious and driven person who wanted to succeed.
Six more titles followed after the first one, through 1970 and 1980.
As Schwarzenegger transitioned more into acting, his workouts gradually began to decline.
The number of hours he would spend in the gym depended on his present goal or acting role.
Most actors have to either put on or lose weight. But, more often, Arnold had to soften his chiselled physique to look more “natural.”
I laughed at that one (The Conan director requested this)!
Because Arnold had to change his physique for roles, one thing is clear.
“A great thing about bodybuilding is that lifting weights can tailor it to sculpt your body no matter the need,” he says.

Arnold’s fitness analogy makes sense.

Schwarzenegger quotes to say that fitness is similar to a game of chess.
This is because you can make so many movements depending on your particular goals. I find that a very accurate analogy.
You may want to change your body shape or have a health or performance goal. This is easy to achieve when you train the right way and cater your nutrition to follow.
It’s pretty much as easy as that.

Age requires flexibility

Right now, Arnold focuses on machine weights more so than bars.
He also loves to cycle for 45–60 minutes per day.
So weight lifting is now narrowed down to 30 minutes per day (as opposed to 5 hours previously!)
Working out (staying active) is part of Schwarzenegger’s daily routine — like breathing, eating and sleeping. It’s part of his lifestyle plan.
At age 75, different methods are required to keep fit and healthy.
Now, Arnie aims to maintain his body as much as he can.
Back in the day, it was about building muscle. Now, it’s keeping what he has intact whilst staying lean and healthy.
One interesting observation Arnie mentions is that as you get older, it’s a lot easier to maintain muscle than build it.
Anyone over 40 will understand how hard it is to build on what you have from your 20s.
Unfortunately, muscle starts to decline as we age — as young as 40.
This naturally occurring stage in our lives is called sarcopenia.
Maintaining your strength training physique as you age is key to lessening the impact as much as possible.
Schwarzenegger says, “The important thing is that I always have maintained my regular training for a long time.”
There you have it.
Staying on the course for years will help you well into old age.
If you are young and reading this, start building muscle now, so it will be easier to maintain the hard work you’ve created when you’re a lot older.

Key take away

One thing we can all gather from Arnold’s wise bodybuilding wisdom is to start lifting weights now.
Don’t wait another few months or years.
Man or woman, get into the weights area and start now.
Keep building and striving to lift more, workout hard, and you will see those results flourish as you age.
Lifting weights is not the only key to sustaining muscle mass. It’s also important for bone density and overall health.
Can you think of 75-year-olds who work out for 1.5 hours a day and are as healthy as Schwarzenegger?
I can’t think of any to tell you the truth — that’s the problem. Unless people understand the benefits of starting to lift weights at some stage, then how is one to know?
Unfortunately, the right education is not filtered throughout the medical profession or aimed toward mature individuals.
I can only imagine the difference it would make to the elderly.
Don’t make a mistake, and start today.
Build your weight training journey, and after you start — there is no looking back.
It’s onwards and upwards from here!
How old are you, and how long have you lifted weights?

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