Can you sum up how to build muscle in 3 words?

This is how I build muscle in three words

  1. Compounds
  2. Tempo
  3. Slaughter

Let me reference this in a bit more detail, for those of you who are new to weight training, or are unsure of the meaning.

  1. I insist on using compound movements in every single one of my workouts. The reason for this strategy is that compound movements use the most muscles on your body, causing more of a metabolic demand, and therefore giving you the best results when it comes to fat loss and muscle building potential. Isolated exercises do have their place in your routine, but they should be done last. Save all your energy for squats, lunges, chin and pul ups, bench pressing and of course, the king, deadlifts! In doing these movements is where you will see your conditioning change, your belly fat disappear, and those pockets of cellulite disintegrate. This is what I aim for in all of my training sessions. You have to aim for something, and hit the stars.
  2. Tempo, the mother of all proper, functional and effective training. Tempo is that keeps the muscle under tension, over and over again. You cannot grow your muscles without adding enough tension. The sweet spot depends on how advanced your training is. Novices will get great results first up, but then we must apply heavy stimulus with accurate tempo. Slow movements is great, but why not transition to the faster movements sometimes? Working both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres is what will bring you size, strength and endurance. Alter your training regularly between slow and fast movements, with proper form of course.
  3. Slaughter is pretty self explanatory I think. Every time you go in the gym. you must give it your all. Switch off the world, close your mouth, ignore everyone and just get in there and train – train hard for that matter. Beat your personal best, push yourself, add more weights, do that little bit extra, cut your rest times, alternate your training. This is what you need to think of doing, in order to get results. You must put all the effort you can into your training, if you want to get results. If you want to meet up for a social gathering, then this point doesn’t apply to you. So, structure your programs effectively, enlist help if you need it, focus on your goals every day, eat well and train hard. Build momentum, commit to the game and you will get results. If I can do it, surely you can too.

I do hope these points help you and motivate you somewhat. Please feel free to follow me on social for more motivational, funny and educational fitness rants.

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