7 reasons you need weight training to burn fat fast

My main concern with this question is that a large portion of the female population, still dismiss the benefits of weight training, compared to cardio.

I have to admit; I was one of these people, a very long, long time ago. Back then, I did not know better and felt plagued by the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding weights, based on the results of men’s efforts. The truth is, we are not metabolically or hormonally similar to men. and will not build an overly muscular body that matches a mans. That’s if we take the natural pathway! As women, we are setting ourselves back both in an athletic and health perspective by not utilising the enormous effects of strength training.

Let me be your guide and tell you now, the beautiful benefits of lifting heavy metal off the ground and back down again – repetitively, for years to come!

7 reasons you need weight training to burn fat fast!

  1. Your metabolism becomes enormously influential. Insulin sensitivity affects many people today, due to highly processed, refined foods in the diet, not to mention the lack of exercise! When you eat highly processed foods, cells become less sensitive to the hormone insulin. Fat storage increases as your energy levels drop. Your muscle cells are not receiving any of the fuel they need to operate effectively. They become starved! Plus, the insulin increases inflammation markers, leading to more disease and your rate of ageing accelerating.
  2. Strength training is at your disposal to restore your bodies response to insulin. Every lift you make, resulting in muscles contracting, bind with the insulin, so your muscles burn glucose. Your metabolism will slowly become restored, and can eat more without gaining fat!
  3. I am building a fit, curvy and robust physique, as well as torching body fat. Cardio in itself does help to lose body fat, as well as also decreasing your precious stores of muscle. What that does is reduce your metabolic rate dramatically, leading to weight loss plateau, or even worse, weight gain! On the other hand, when you opt for weights, you preserve muscle mass, whilst maintaining – even surpassing your previous metabolic rate. Your body becomes more shapely, athletic, fit and healthy. This is yet another incentive to lift weights regularly, and allow your body’s metabolism to burn calories more efficiently during the day.
  4. It’s fantastic for your mental health and cognitive state. Strength training helps improve your mood, brain function and increase your mental clarity. It also decreases inflammation in the brain, including dementia, whilst improving learning abilities and retainment of information. It also increases confidence, inner strength and allows us to become more assertive and work hard for the results we want in life. It’s the knock-on effect of training with weights.
  5. Better quality of sleep. Enjoy sleeping better, longer and more restful as a result of strength training. You must train during periods of stress, such as when experiencing menopause and pre-menopausal phase as it lowers cortisol and improves hormonal balance. Sleep is also restorative for your muscles so that they can grow.
  6. You are strengthening your bones. Build strength as well as bone mass and density. You will have fewer fracture incidents, bone breakages and will not require a lot of recovery times due to an injury. Keep yourself healthy as you age and build on your bone density with lifting as early as you can – although it’s never too late to start now.
  7. Handle stressors with ease. Improve your bodies reaction to stress by continually challenging yourself to get through your initial limitations in the weights area. There is something special about lifting that weight you once thought was impossible, slowly surpassing it as time progresses. Don’t underestimate the power of this one thing that can lead to other aspects of your life. The ability to respond positively and effectively in any given situation, especially a stressful one, is a skill that can be mastered by all. All it takes is lifting. Make sure with anything new, such as training with weights; you have an understanding of technique and persuasive form. It’s made a lot easier by hiring a proper trainer, seeking their assistance with a program. Remember that to get results with weight training, one must be committed and persist through limitations that have been placed by your own mind. Banish those misconceptions, and give it all you’ve got.

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