Top 5 muscle and strength body builder secrets you need to know

Gaining muscle mass and strength is a gradual and long term process. Once you reach a stage of your muscle development, you will seek to keep expanding and rising to achieve bigger and better results. This is what we call “passion for the metal” because it’s not only a visual aspect that’s appealing; it’s the psychological and physical. What do I mean by this? Once you begin your journey towards muscle and strength growth, you will naturally increase your self-confidence. When we begin the journey, we don’t expect (or can’t picture ourselves) being at that level we want to become. It may seem virtually impossible, but as time goes on, and you keep reaching new levels, suddenly you believe it and anything else you want to achieve or become, is possible as well. As a woman that has trained with weights for most of her life, I really love the self-confidence weighs allowed me to discover. From the simple to the complex, I have pushed through so-called limitations to discover just how strong I am, and that I too can progressively build muscle and strength on my own. I have a few simple yet particular ways in which anyone can use the principles to create successful growth. This is for both the young and old, for the man and woman. The only thing one would be missing is the willingness to allow weights to become a lifestyle choice, above all other forms of exercises. Sure, running is great for you, and so are other sports – but to be truly successful with weight training and strength, you have to put the work in every week, and save your energy and stamina for the planned sessions you have. That’s the only way true and sustainable growth will occur. Do get your exercise outdoors, take your yoga or pilates class, but tread carefully when you expend hours of energy and all of your time on another sport. It can and probably will kill your energy and strength for weight training. Let me get down to training basics, as it’s split into 2 parts—one for strength building and one for hypertrophy. To get the most maximal gains for the minimal time required, you must structure your training routine in this way.

Google describes this in the exact form here:

The accumulation/intensification model of periodization involves alternating back and forth between higher-rep accumulation phases and lower-rep intensification phases. Accumulation phases are used to build muscle mass and work capacity, while intensification phases are used for all-out strength gains. This is how the most effective sportspeople train. They split their months using these two phases.Whilst I can’t delve deep into training programs here, because there are many variables involved, I will fill you in on another couple of secrets to get you on the pathway towards maximal gains.

Top 5 muscle and strength building secret bodybuilders don’t want you to know:

  1. Make each repetition count. It would be best if you controlled the movement. Learn to perform each exercise correctly. When lifting weights, move through the full range of motion in your joints. The better your form, the better your results, and the less likely to cause injury. If you’re unable to maintain good form, decrease the weight or the number of repetitions. The form is key always.
  2. Mind and muscle connection. When you make that move, you have to ensure your mind and muscle connect during the process. Feel the muscle pulsating, feel the burn and the intensity. Little do people know that visualising your muscle growth is just as successful as weight training’s actual performance.
  3. Small muscle groups need volume. Many people don’t realise that smaller muscle groups (like biceps, triceps and calves) need a lot of volume to grow. They are also smaller and cannot grow enough with just heavier weights and lower reps. It’s not only about getting the pump, but to increase the repetition so much, that the muscle becomes fatigued, but can still manage to lift the weight. You can soon keep adding more and more weight – then watch those muscles grow bigger, stronger, and in less time.
  4. Big muscle groups take priority. Too many people focus on straightforward exercise that is performed on machines. If you do not have any injuries, then get down and do the hard stuff regularly. Squatting, bench pressing, lunges, pull-ups and deadlifts. These are the primary exercises that work the most muscles in your body, providing you with the best and biggest growth spurts. Isolated exercise can find their place later on when you have built some good muscle mass.
  5. Recovery. Recovery is the key to all muscle growth and strength. The real magic happens when you allow your body to rest and recuperate from the intense training. You are actually doing yourself a disservice if you train every single day. That is going to negate your hard work. That is why I mentioned above that if your goal is to put on muscle and get stronger, you need to make that your main focus. Dedicate your time to this goal, but also know that rest is needed. I do hope these points have been useful to you. I could write so much more, but I want to keep it simple and easy to digest. I do believe these points are a great way to begin the process. If you appreciate this post, please feel free to upvote it, and do come along and get your complimentary goal setting guide for 2021. I’m also on social if you are active in that space.

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