5 tactics that drive your energy levels towards unstoppable.

It’s completely normal to have different levels of energy when you hit the gym. We can’t always be in our full game mode every single day. There are a lot of factors which influence our energy levels daily. We have to look deeply regarding our lifestyle, and what has been happening daily. This will help us to pinpoint those triggers and allow us to develop some form of a solution – or a buffer. Let’s look at things a bit more deeply; –

5 tactics that drive your energy levels towards unstoppable.

Learn what’s holding you back from peak performance and how to combat it

  1. You are experiencing stress in your life right now. Stress can have a significant impact on our energy levels and our nutritional choices. It’s very challenging to lead a stress-free life, but there are several ways to manage the stress. Sometimes, we are on a deadline at work or had to deal with an emotionally and mentally draining task that has left us with nothing in the tank. For some, the gym is a relief – although, for many, it can be very disheartening or us because of our lack of energy to perform our usual exercises. Realise that what you have just dealt with is something that soon will pass, and once you get over that emotional and mental drain, you will get back to your usual self again. Find ways to deal with the stress by taking time out in nature, doing some meditation or listening to a motivational audiobook. Sometimes being with a pet helps a lot. Find what works for you and do this regularly. Next, you need to adjust your training accordingly. In moments like this, we won’t be performing optimally. Therefore, we should downgrade our exercise’s and accomplish something a lot milder. Perhaps all you need is some extra sleep. Try these different strategies and see which one works best for you.
  2. You may not be eating enough for the training. I’m sure you are aware of how important it is to fuel up correctly, to perform well in the gym (or at home for that matter). It’s challenging to find the sweet spot if you are trying to add muscle plus lose body fat. That’s why I always recommend focusing on one thing at a time unless you have someone helping you along the way. It can be hit and miss trying to do both at the same time. When you lift heavyweight, and you are trying to increase strength and change your conditioning, you will need to structure your macros accordingly. If not, your efforts in the gym will not be sustainable, and you will find yourself injured, or worse still, unable to recover correctly.
  3. Overtraining. Some people think that training more is better – that it will give them the gains they want faster. This is not true. There are lots of warning signs that can signal overtraining. These range from:
    – Having trouble sleeping
    – Lack of motivation to train
    – Unable to lift the weight you previously did
    – You are getting sick regularly, and find it challenging to recover
    – Sore, injured and unable to recover as quickly as you shouldThese are big triggers that will lead to overtraining. When you train hard, you also have to recover well. That could mean taking extra days off the gym or supplementing with yoga or some mind, body connection exercises. That could even be meditation. It’s important to remember that this happens to all of us. The guilt lies in that we don’t feel we’re training enough. It’s easy to think we aren’t doing as much as we should. This goes hand in hand with not eating enough.
  4. You are not sleeping enough. This is a big one and can set you back with training, focus and concentration in your day to day life. We can’t always have the best sleep of our lives, but we can and should aim to get as much of it as we possibly can. That may mean, winding down earlier than when you usually would, getting to bed when you are tired, instead of pushing on, doing something relaxing before bed – like having a warm bath with magnesium salts to trigger relaxation and sleep. Sometimes it’s best to cancel your training if you haven’t had enough sleep and will save you from injury or disappointment when you lift. Listen to your body, and let it guide you to the right answer.
  5. You may be dehydrated. People underestimate the decline of your performance in any sport when you are not appropriately hydrated. We lose water when we sweat, and when the temperatures are a lot warmer than average, we’d be inclined to become even more dehydrated. One trick I have used for years that serves me well, is to drink one litre of water before the gym, one litre whilst working out, and then stagger another 2 litres throughout the day. I will supplement some of the water with herbal teas as well. Please don’t forget that caffeine can dehydrate you, so you will need to drink more because of this. High levels of protein cause us to feel thirsty as well.

I hope this has given you some answers to your question. Sometimes we need permission to rest. Please don’t feel guilty about this, because, after a day of rest, you will become unstoppable tomorrow.

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