What’s the best food to eat to raise your metabolism, to lose weight with?

Black coffee is thermogenic. Add some MCT oil to boost it’s capacity!

Weight loss over time does take effort, and we need to instil a mindset of ‘long life term’ for our health and wellbeing. Nutrient balance needs to be stable, without sacrificing food groups completely (unless you have a food allergies or auto immune disease of course)

When we eat food, the gastrointestinal tract muscles speed up their rhythmic contraction, digestive juices are produced and secreted. Nutrients then require energy to be absorbed. The energy produces heat, which is a process called thermogenesis.

What is great about this, is that certain foods have a higher chance of using up more energy than others. Imagine the effect of consuming thermogenic foods, as well as increasing your activity on a daily basis? This is all determined by the type of food you eat, and how much of it.

Here are some examples of thermic food to add into your diet

6 of the best thermic foods

1. Protein

Protein has a larger amount of thermic effects, compared to carbs and protein. Experiments show time and time again that high protein diets lead to lower weight gain, higher fat oxidation compared to lower protein diets. It also produces the feeling of satiety, which again, reduces hunger and desire to eat more.

2. Fiber.

Fiber slows down the absorption of glucose by slowing down how quickly food leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine. It also signals the brain of satiety, therefore, reducing your consumption of foods, and reducing any dramatic releases of insulin. It.s also hard for the body to break down fiber, thereby burning calories in the process.

3. Cruciferous veggies.

These range from spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout, asparagus. These are the types of vegetables you should be eating daily. They contain a tone of fibre, therefore, require more energy to digest and also having the added bonus of again, increasing satiety and decreasing cravings.

4. Eggs.

Eggs are a powerhouse bundle of vitamins, minerals, good fats and of course, protein! They are so portable, nutritious and filling. As mentioned above, protein is thermogenic and even a single egg will produce a long lasting feeling of satiety. It’s shown to boost metabolism by 80–100 calories per day! Just to let you know, one egg contains 75 calories, 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of good fats. Eat them regularly.

5. Fatty fish

Fish is a great source of protein, is lean, light as well as packed full of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 is linked to lowering inflammation markers, heart disease and can contribute to overall weight loss. The best types of seafood to consume are; Salmon, sardines, rainbow trout and tuna (in moderation of course, due to it’s mercury content)

6. Turmeric

This miracle spice should be used as frequently as possible. It fights inflammation, as well as preventing fat accumulation in the tissues and organs, such as the stomach and liver. Use it to make a turmeric latte, in your seafood, poultry, and even veggies.

7. MCT Oil

I use my MCT oil daily, when I break my fast. This oil contains medium chain triglyceride, a form of saturated fat that has a number of benefits, like enhanced cognitive function, assistance of weight management, and the ability to assist your body into ketosis (when on a proper keto diet of course).

8. Coffee

I love my coffee! Caffeine boosts performance, mood and give you a surprising energy uplift. The amazing taste of it isn’t a bad thing either! Caffeine has the ability to boost metabolism and burn body fat.

These are easy additions to your diet, and can help to add that little bit of extra boost when it comes to weight loss and management. When you couple this with a great training plan, weight loss and muscle gain will be at your fingertips.

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