Three Major Health Benefits From Using Olive Oil In Your Food

Small bottle of oilve oil in between someones hands

It’s delicious and readily available all around the world.

Mentioning the Mediterranean diet as often as possible is not only essential but needed in a world where obesity and type two diabetes dominate.
These conditions have a lot to do with lifestyle habits — and there isn’t enough awareness regarding the ease and simplicity of food choices to lead a disease-free life.
Eating a whole-food diet is simple, but years of less-than-ideal food choices have impacted your health and metabolism.
In saying that, it’s never too late to make the necessary changes — but I do hope we all make the conscious choice sooner rather than later.
My mum passed away from pancreatic cancer derived from diabetes.
Excessive insulin levels over long periods damaged her kidneys.
Therefore, she was unable to undergo any chemotherapy.
She didn’t get a chance to live a few more years.
I would have loved to be with mum right now.
Today makes a year since her death, and I’m even more compelled to write as much as possible to encourage as many people as possible to make small yet powerful lifestyle choices.
Because we only have one life, we may as well live it as healthy as possible & enjoy it for as long as we can.
One small change you can make today is as simple as adding olive oil into your diet every day.
A Virginia Tech team researched olive oil and found a compound called oleuropein.
This compound helps the body secrete more insulin, a central signalling molecule that controls metabolism.
The same compound also detoxifies another signalling molecule called amylin that over-produces and forms harmful aggregates in type two diabetes.
Oleuropein helps prevent the onset of disease.
Olive oil is just one special oil with many more benefits, such as eliminating constipation, reducing inflammation and supporting bone health.

Here are some other benefits of using olive oil

One: It can protect against certain cancers: Some studies suggest that olive oil can help prevent colorectal cancer since it protects the body from inflammation, oxidative damage and epigenetic changes.
Two: It helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease: Olive oil impacts the blood vessels in the brain, and since it contains Oleocanthal, it can help slow down or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.
Three: Help the nervous system: A study conducted on mice showed that extra virgin olive oil might help protect the nervous system and might help treat depression and anxiety. Scientists uncovered a compound called trans fat in unhealthy processed foods attributed to depression.

Key take away

Olive oil has many wonderful benefits for your health and eliminates your chances of developing serious diseases.
I have used olive oil for most of my life and never once thought to attribute some of my health wins because of it.
I naturally thought olive oil was a part of most people’s diets. However, it does surprise me how scared most people are of using it (due to its fat content).
Within the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is said to be the main source of fat, which appears to give its loyal users a higher life expectancy.
It also lowers your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.
Compared to other diets on the world wide web, the Mediterranian diet is referred to as ‘The standard in preventative medicine!”
So, I don’t think I’d be too worried about the fat content in olive oil -rather, it’s best to think twice about any processed foods that may have snuck in. They create far more damage to your body!
But now I know, with most certainty, olive oil is here to stay in my diet and that of my family.
Don’t be afraid of using it in salads, baked veggies or, my favourite — drizzled on avocado and salt.
How do you use your olive oil?

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