Seven ultimate food combinations to increase your weight loss efforts

Seven Ultimate Food Combinations to Increase Your Weight Loss Efforts

Combining certain foods increases your nutrient level and your weight loss potential

Food is wonderful. Life wouldn’t be as enjoyable without delicious combinations. I went on the hunt for the perfect food collaborations to ensure we can all take our health and weight loss just a little further along. Perhaps you are at a point right now where are foods becoming a bit mundane? I always seem to eat the same thing, and after a while, it gets pretty dull, to be honest. Sometimes I wish for something a little more adventurous within the taste bud arena. Flexibility with your food is critical because deprivation begins slowly to set us up for future bingeing sessions. Overeating makes us feel terrible; it’s also a crucial component of increasing our chances of developing the disease. Excess weight isn’t ideal for anyone, and if we start to alter a few of the food combinations we eat regularly, weight loss will become a lot more effortless than we first anticipated. Here are some delicious combinations that help increase your satiety and eliminate bloating and sustain your energy levels during the day. 

One: Apple, peanut butter and cinnamon

The delicious combination here! Peanut butter has plenty of good fats, helps you feel full, and is delicious! Apples contain fibre and many other nutrients. I find that apples help me curb my cravings for a sweet treat, and adding a sprinkling of cinnamon keeps blood sugar stable. If you can master keeping your blood sugar stable, you will prevent any spikes and plummets that can lead to overeating and eventually weight gain. Cinnamon is also known to assist with belly fat loss — but don’t hold your breath too much. The key is to make the most of your nutrition and keep those calories down. 

Two: Green tea, mint and lemon

By now, you should all know that green tea has unique antioxidants that help to burn fat. It also helps to release fat from fat cells and triggers the liver to turn fat into energy. It’s also a great way to curb your appetite — especially when going between meals or fasting. Squeezing lemon into your tea is also a great way to decrease your appetite, and mint also eases digestion upsets. 

Three: Water, cucumber and lemon

This is my favourite combination on a hot day! You can have the complete detox water on an empty stomach during the morning (and throughout the day).  We all know that water helps us feel full, but adding slices of cumber and mint makes it a lot more of a detoxification tool we can use daily. Drinking lots of water is also a great way to detoxify your body. Unfortunately, we just aren’t drinking enough water daily. 

Four: Oats, berries and cinnamon

My favourite breakfast meal! Oats are rich in fibre and are just delicious. The insoluble fibre helps us feel satisfied for extended periods, leading to less snacking overall. In addition, blueberries provide an antioxidant punch, helping to eliminate body fat.  A particular study was performed on rats, where researchers mixed the blueberry powder with their meals. As a result, they had less abdominal fat than the rats without the blueberry mix. This resulted after the 90-day experiment. As you know now, cinnamon is excellent for stabilising blood sugar. 

Five: Eggs, Avocado and spinach

This would have to be the best lunch combination around! Eggs are the most nutrient-rich foods around and are relatively low in calories. Protein helps us feel full whilst aiding in weight loss. The Journal of Dietary supplements gave obese women arginine over 12 weeks. As a result, they lost an average of 7cm from their waists and dropped 6.5 pounds! When you eat eggs with spinach, you add soluble fibre and iron. Adding oil (you could even use olive oil) is rich in good fats that help us burn fat and increase satiety. 

Six: Lentils, broth and tomatoesAre you looking for one of the best vegan combinations? This is a perfect meal alternative for those who want to integrate more plant-based protein into their diet. This lentil soup is delicious and flavoursome. I like to cook mine for about 5 hours in my pressure cooker. Then, it retains the flavours a lot more. I LOVE lentils. They have lots of iron and fibre and keep me satisfied for hours. The broth is also excellent because it contains the vitamins of lentils and lots of water which allows us to increase the feeling of fullness. Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory and reverse leptin resistance. Leptin helps us control our appetite. 

Seven: Cauliflower, quinoa and avocado oil

It’s essential to eat cruciferous veggies every day, and cauliflower is one of them. It’s an excellent source of fibre and aids to keep you feeling full. High vegetable intake is essential along the weight loss journey. They burn calories for our bodies to digest. If you combine it with avocado oil and quinoa, you have healthy fats and a great source of protein too. This is another excellent option for vegetarians and vegans. Quinoa contains an amino acid called acid betaine which speeds up your metabolism and fights fat. Use quinoa instead of rice and notice the difference it makes. Next time you are stuck on what food combinations to start integrating, look no further than this list. I have included some recipes below that you might like to try. High protein recipes: High Protein RecipesStay lean & build muscle with some protein-rich Lunching suitable recipes: Lunching rightHealthy and delicious lunch Make sure to save them in your list so that you may refer to them regularly.I will keep adding more and more recipes. Please leave any recipe requests in the comments section if you have any recipe requests.

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