Four Advantages Women Experience If They Eat Avocado Every Single Day

Chopped up delicious avocado in a bowl

Avocados are full of many benefits you don’t want to miss out on

If you love avocados, your love will grow more profoundly after reading this!
My daughter and I love eating them daily; they are a staple on my kitchen bench and stocked in the fridge.
I savour my avocado and eat them with absolutely everything. It’s tough to pick a food group that doesn’t match perfectly with avocado!
Not only are avocados delicious, but they are very beneficial for women.
It’s hard to deny how creamy, satisfying and versatile an avocado is. But, perhaps you might not know how much you benefit from eating avocados regularly.
Here are some which may be happening for you in the back end, which you can gratefully thank avocados for!

One: Eating avocados can help you make better food choices
Did you realise that eating avocados could encourage you to make better daily food choices?
A study showed that people who ate half an avocado daily were healthier overall than those who did not.
Avocado eaters consume more fibre, minerals, vitamins and good-quality fats. These individuals also weighed much less and had trim waistlines and BMI with healthy cholesterol levels.
It wasn’t the avocado consumption that caused this.
Instead, researchers said consuming more health-conscious foods naturally leads us to eat more nutritious food options (because they make us feel better) rather than unhealthy food.

Two: You may become leaner
There is no doubt that avocados help to keep us feeling full for longer than usual stretches.
Eating half an avocado during lunch can satisfy you until the afternoon.
I can vouch for that myself!
It does pay to put avocado in or on anything you eat, such as salads, sandwiches, or baked vegetables (my favourite option).
Why not combine avocado with lentils and eggs and make yourself a smashed avocado on sourdough too?
You will feel much more satisfied and less inclined to snack on unhealthy foods, which could quickly increase your risk of weight gain.

Three: You might be adding armour to prevent injury
If you work out regularly, play sports or are active, it’s not uncommon to suffer from an injury at one time or another.
Avocados help you stay injury free because of all the beneficial monounsaturated fats it contains.
One study found that women who are competitive runners, whose diet was less than 20 per cent more fat, suffered more from injuries than those who consumed 31 per cent fats.
You become better equipped to recover and prevent damage by incorporating healthy fats into your diet (avocado, salmon, seafood, coconut oil, nuts, etc.).

Four: Help your skin glow
Whatever you eat daily is reflected in the quality of your skin. There is only so much Botox and treatments can do for your skin. But, the goodness stems from the inside.
Monounsaturated fats in avocados help nourish our skin, hair, and nails. Lutein is also essential for eye health; avocados contain many.

Key take away
The consensus is that fats are essential and positive for women in more ways than one.
Not only will you benefit aesthetically, but avocados can keep us moving in the right direction regarding health.
Not only are avocados delicious, but they are synergistically compatible with so many different foods.
I love eating avocado with my vegetables, adding lots of good fats, fibre and prebiotics for better gut health and feeding my brain fuel to keep myself alert and tackle anything coming my way.
How do you like to eat your avocado?

Here are some delicious avocado-inspired recipes!

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