Eating One of These Daily Help to Lower Cholesterol In Obese Individuals

Avocados in tray

Eating the right nutrients daily takes you one step further away from disease


Whenever research tells us something delicious helps us attain better health, we should all listen in as carefully as we can.
One nutrient I’d like to discuss is something I regularly mention — because it’s accessible for most of us and is readily available during each season.
That fruit is the humble avocado.

Why Avocados?

Avocados provide a huge amount of nutrient value and can help obese, overweight and normal-weighted people attain better health.
Plus, eating one a day doesn’t cause weight gain either!
Prior studies have found a link between eating avocados and lower body weight, BMI and waist circumferences.
This was the most extensive study on the health effects of eating avocados. A large number of participants and the length of time it was conducted were huge.
Perhaps I don’t have to sell you the idea of eating avocado daily.
However, I do this (actually, I eat half of one because a full one causes some gut disturbances for me), and although I don’t know my health markers yet — I can say it’s contributing to my overall health.

The study to prove it

For this particular study, researchers followed 1000 for over six months. These individuals were either overweight or obese.
Half were instructed to eat one avocado daily, while researchers told the others to limit their avocado consumption to less than two a month (that would be seriously hard for me!).
They measured body fat in the abdomen and around all the participant’s organs.
Unfortunately, one avocado per day did not significantly improve the participant’s abdominal fat and other cardiometabolic risk factors.
Although, eating one avocado a day did not result in weight gain either (which is great news for those who believe fat makes you generally fat!).
This is a positive direction because the avocado’s calories do not impact body weight gain or abdominal fat accumulation.
It does, which is very positive, is lower total LDL cholesterol.
Mind you, participants did this on the participant’s regular diet.
As you can imagine, if they were on a calorie-controlled diet with exercise, the impact would have been huge!

For the future

Researchers will take this study and investigate different ways to eat avocado. Differences in what’s eaten with the avocado might impact the participant’s health and possibly lead to fat loss.
But this is a very interesting study because even if you eat avocado without changing your diet, you will experience a lowering of cholesterol.
I’m curious to know what results lean people would gain from this experiment.
So, if you are hesitant to eat an avocado a day — don’t be. It will not affect your weight.
How do you eat your avocado?

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