Three things worth sharing about life over 40

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing — we all have to get to this stage at one time or another — but I don’t like that word “old.”  I feel that its reflection is of someone over the hill, unable to do as much as a youngster, and just plain old dried up. That may be the case for other “older 40-year-old” people, but it’s not for me. It hurts me seeing people that are younger than I am in a chaotic mess. When I say chaotic, I mean this:

  • They stop looking after their outward appearance
  • They let their internal appearance suffer as well
  • They become set in their ways — to the point of being stubborn
  • Their belief system starts to flounder. You end up hearing “I’m too old for this” far too many times

The list goes on and on, really, and although it’s everyone’s personal preference of what they do at an older age, I just wanted to point out that most of us are ageing way too fast. Now, that’s a scary thought. I have heard many 20–30 something-year-olds say the same thing about ageing and how things are not as they used to be. I get that; we all start to decline just a tad bit in certain areas. But. It’s a conscious choice and one that only you can make for yourself. Do you believe this to be accurate, or are you succumbing to the general chitter-chatter of close friends and family members? I know all too well so-called “friends” who told me that everything changes after 30, and then it was after 40. So I’m curious to know what changes will now ruin me at age 50. Menopause? I stopped believing all of those inaccurate theories a long time ago. Instead, I build myself up to think that I can look, feel and have all that I want. The unfortunate thing is that it takes a lot of hard work. But, this bridge isn’t for the faint-hearted. I have been working hard at many things my entire life. Some are hits, and others are misses. Some I can work out myself, then at other times, I may need some intervention. It is what it is.So here are my 3 million dollar sharing to the world about life after 40 — and it isn’t so bad young people, as long as you have your head on straight and stop listening to the negative oldies all around you.


One: Is it that hard to maintain your shape? Yes, it can be, but you need to try different things and have a set goal in mind.

I put this head of the list because I’ve heard theories since age 25. My entire life, I’ve listened to stupid people regarding weight loss and health. I genuinely believe that it will take hard work to become the shape you want unless your genetics is more inclined to lose fat.Our shape differs from person to person. But let me say this — the results come to the extent of how hard you are willing to work at it. There is nothing easy about it, but common sense helps. Unfortunately, lots of people want to fast track their way towards a perfect body. That’s not going to happen (unless you have loads of money and don’t mind spending it on surgery). All it takes is eating well, exercising and applying to it for life. That’s all.  It’s the difference between a person who maintains a steady bodyweight all their life or someone who constantly puts on and loses weight for life.

Two: It’s not a mid-life crisis; it’s a mid-life pivot.

I’m not too fond of it when people refer to any significant shifts later on in life as a crisis.So I would regard this time to be one of actually listening to what you want and possibly finding out that now is the time to change it.The reason why we change it now (more so than when younger) is probably the result of a couple of theories.

  • You no longer want what you once thought you did.
  • Your life circumstances have changed. Therefore, the shift was essential.
  • You had some health condition that put you on the beam between life and death. Therefore, it’s now or never.
  • The ideal life you had wanted for yourself as a 20-year-old didn’t go according to plan. Through that, you have built some self-confidence and believe that you have it within to make your dream life a reality.

The truth is, anything can cause us to shift and change direction — but it’s most likely the result of something negative.]We are either moved by something positive or negative — but my hunch about human beings is that pain is more likely to FORCE us to chance. Seeing roses and rainbows doesn’t compel us to make any life shift (if you know of anyone that has, please tag them so I may interview them for another article). 

Three: You made a mistake along life’s ever-changing path, and I believe it’s too late for you at 40.

 Let me say that this is me all over. I made some significant mistakes later in life, and when that was all over — I said to myself, “I’m now too old to make up for a lost time.” Every scenario played out in my head. 

  • I will be too old to work for a reputable company & make good money
  • Start another business and be successful this time
  • Buy my own home and make it one of my dreams.
  • Retire on a decent income and enjoy my old age.

I would worry about these things endlessly, especially during the end of my 30’s. It stopped me from becoming my best self. I don’t know what my life will lead to, but all I know is that I work hard, make the best use of my brain, and nothing can stop me from trying to achieve what I want. Who’s going to tell me what I can and cannot have? No one, that’s my job, and nobody’s business for that matter. So, if someone with degrading ideas ever tries to get into your mind — stop it right away. The extent of your success in life is based on how you take possession of your mind and stop letting others think for you. Instead, start where you are and keep going. Age is no factor — you have the wisdom from the school of hard knocks to back you up. I genuinely believe that every age is terrific. As we get older, life becomes our playpen. There is far too much to do than worry about these silly things that won’t even happen. So be happy, enjoy life and get the most out of yourself by believing it’s your for the taking.

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