How women over 40 can increase their energy levels in 6 small ways

I look at children running around my neighbourhood and wonder where my energy and vitality let me.

As a teenager, I seemed to be able to party all night and still be conscious during all hours of the morning. I was hoping that could be my situation now as a 40-year-old — instead, I’m similar to my cat. I want to curl up in my bed and get to sleep no later than 9 pm. I could get a lot more done if I only had a couple more hours spare, mixed in with some battery-powered energy in the tank. But it’s that vital energy most of us are missing as we age. Life gets too busy, we have far too many things on our plate, and they are endlessly spinning plates seven days per week. No wonder we lack energy or drive for anything else apart from chilling out with the paper and a cappuccino on the weekends. Energy can be found and restored — The good news is that it’s all in your capable and wonderful hands. Here are some of the remedies I use to increase my energy levels and ensure I have a steady flow of much-needed drive to get me through those 3 pm slumps — and beyond.


Remedy One: Check your iron levels

I mention this because it’s the one thing that always troubled me during my entire lifetime. Now, I must receive iron infusions to stop becoming anemic at the drop of a hat. Anemia is the result of underlying conditions, such as menstruation and digestion. Sometimes our bodies cannot absorb iron. Therefore, it needs a bit of help. Get to your doctor as soon as possible, and have regular blood tests 6–12 months per year. It will help keep you accountable for your overall health & pinpoint any issues that may come up. If you have an iron deficiency, changes in your nutrition and supplementation may work well for you. If not, then chat to your doctor about iron infusions. They are not the most comfortable things to have, but well worth the boost of energy and vitality iron provides in your body.


Remedy Two: Lift weights in the mornings

You might think that training with weights is a means for building muscle in big, bulky men! Well, ladies, think again as I’m about to challenge your concept of this very outdated theory. Not only is muscle a metabolically active tissue, but it has a ripple effect on things like metabolic syndrome and obesity. Muscle is that element in the back end doing its job while you sleep. So it’s in everyone’s best interest for health and longevity to actively pursue building muscle. It doesn’t have to be a journey towards bodybuilding, but one where you build your strength and stamina to help you maintain a better life for as long as you are here on earth. Getting back to how it helps you generate more energy — Strength training boosts the number of proteins that take glucose out of the blood and transport it into the skeletal muscle. So it gives your muscles a lot more energy, as well as lowering your blood glucose levels. Weight training helps regulate glucose levels, giving you a nice, steady stream of energy during the day. Couple this with a nutritious diet, and you have the means to supercharge your days. Lifting weights in the morning helps to continue that level of energy throughout the day. However, I have found evening weight training sessions bring on insomnia.


Remedy Three: Get outdoors for some exercise

There is no doubt that the outdoors naturally increasing your level of joy and happiness. The fresh air, sunshine and green surroundings make for a pleasant experience. You don’t have to go all out with exercise outdoors. Why not grab a friend and power walk together of a morning? How about taking your bike and going to a local park? These elements of fitness provide you with a much-needed means of connection with nature and friends, as well as boosting your energy levels. So I would say this is a mixture of feel-good vibes from every angle.

Remedy Four: Eat protein

Protein provides us with so many health benefits that we often forget how powerful it is to sustain energy levels throughout the day. You may have used protein as a means to keep hunger at bay during the day, stop snacking and help to sustain your dieting journey. Protein is so powerful for energy because it keeps that energy fire burning all day long. So when you eat sugary, highly refined carbohydrate sources, you will ensure that sleepiness will soon show itself after that tasty snack. I recommend protein sources such as eggs, fish, chicken and plant-based alternatives like lentils, beans and seeds. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, protein is essential for your body. So make sure every meal contains at least one source.

Remedy Five: Cycle your carbohydrates

There was one stage in my life when I eliminated as many carbs as possible. While that did help me lose weight, it also produced a flat and lifeless physique, and I felt like I was part of the walking dead. I will never do anything like this again. It took many years for my body to start accepting and using carbs as it should. So now, I carb cycle when I want to become a little leaner or increase my energy levels. When you constantly eat carbs, it turns into glucose. Carbs aren’t a bad thing because your body uses them as fuel. As long as you eat the right carbs, you will have fewer cravings and more energy. However, carbs can make some people lethargic. This is why generating energy and leanness through carb cycling is so powerful. It allows you to have your much-needed carbohydrates and then diminish them for a short period to continue a high level of sustained energy. As you know, this is also great for building muscle & maintaining a lean body. Ketones (using fat as an energy source) will always produce more energy for an extended timeframe (because we are taking the fat from storage in our body, rather than the carbs we eat). But — this can eventually wear out your nervous system. A balance between the two mediums is critical, so you always have an endless resource to tap into depending on what you want to achieve.


Remedy Six: Intermittently fast

I want to talk about glucose again because it’s essential to note that elevated glucose in our blood decreases our energy levels somewhat. Fasting decreases insulin levels and causes cells to release stored glucose as energy. Fortunately, this stored glucose is — you guessed it- your fat! That’s why you will feel increases in energy, despite not having eaten any food. It’s one of those natural occurrences in our bodies that no one believes unless they officially try it out for themselves. Try fasting every day by skipping just one meal and seeing what happens after a couple of weeks. I have used these six remedies during my lifetime, and without a doubt, each of them has helped me increase my energy levels as I slowly tick-tock towards old age. I don’t want my life to slow down. There is so much more for all of us to do with our precious time — yet we can’t do much if our energy is always on the low side. Leap towards more energy by infusing yourself with a healthy lifestyle. Then, I guarantee your lack of energy will be a thing of the past. Stay forever young and full of vitality.

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