Top five reasons why women should train with weights

No matter what age, all women should embrace the bar. 

Despite being a small and compact female, training for strength and size is one of my most loved pastimes. Perhaps this is why I started my journey in bodybuilding for women. I have always loved the shape and strength that lifting weights provide. Although the diet and regime were rigid, I appreciated the finished product due to endless meal prepping, training and strict dietary requirements. It was not the kind of journey everyone can understand and handle – but I certainly loved it for all the good and bad it brings. You don’t have to go as far as I did to benefit from building muscle and strength. Men, women and children are a step ahead of the rest of the population if they embrace the wonderful mental, physical and psychological benefits of lifting weights regularly. For women, you can guarantee that the benefits of weight training are significantly more than the effort required. Liting heavyweights are physically taxing on the body, but the payoff is more beneficial than the initially uncomfortable sensations. Just think of the health, longevity and strength benefits that come along with the effort. Here are just a few of the incredible benefits you as a woman will get when you embrace weight training: 

Benefit One: Stress relief and handling benefits: 

Strength training will help improve the release of stress-fighting hormones, making you better deal with anything (as some moments in life can get quite challenging). In addition, the physical and mental strength you get from challenging your body also helps build confidence and keep pursuing the attainable personal best lift every time. Handling stress in a world filled with personal setbacks, lockdowns, pandemics, and endless humanitarian challenges will pay off in a bit way. You will accumulate less belly fat, maintain a healthy and robust metabolism, as well as decreasing your risk of death. 

Benefit Two: Improve mental health.

Don’t be surprised when you hear that strength training makes your brain work better and improves your daily mood. It also decreases inflammation in the brain linked with psychological disorders, dementia and enhances memory in learning for women of all ages. In addition, children naturally become better at school and build confidence by becoming involved in sport. Imagine the significant difference weight training can have on young women in school? I wish I had known about it a lot earlier in life. 

Benefit Three: Lose body fat and improve body shape.

If you focus on cardio alone, you will lose body fat and muscle mass in the process. But, unfortunately, that leads to a drop in the overall amount of calories you burn daily. That’s why so many women struggle to lose weight and keep it off long term. When you focus on using weights as your primary exercise, you preserve muscle mass and maintain your metabolic rate. Building muscle also gives you that athletic curve and shape, making it easier to sustain the initial fat loss in the future. When you train with weights, there is also the added benefit of what is known as the “afterburn effect.” This is because you burn calories at an accelerated rate riding the 24 hour recovery period. 

Benefit Four: Build bone strength and decrease osteoporosis.

Lifting heavy weights over time builds more substantial and dense bone density. That can lead to about 20 per cent less risk of fractures. The younger you start, the better it is for your bone health. That’s why it’s so important to keep lifting weights no matter how old you get. Bones can handle the weight and, therefore, built resilience upon that. Load up your spine with squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. Proceed with caution if you have injuries, and seek the help of a professional PT. 

Benefit Five. Improve coordination and balance. 

Building a solid neuromuscular system means your body works efficiently, and it’s the primary predictor of longevity and well-being. As a result, you will react faster and pose a much lower risk of falling. In addition, good coordination can be the difference that makes the difference between a break in the bone and sidestepping, a hazard that could cause a lot of damage. As you can see, taking on some weight training as part of your lifestyle will be beneficial to your body, reshaping goals and health. Women should never underestimate the importance and benefits of weight training. The good news is you can start today and keep building your strength, stamina and endurance for centuries to come. The only thing stopping you is that first step forward.

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