The Simple & Effective Food Plan That Helps Rebel Wilson Maintain Her weight

Food Plan That Helps Rebel Wilson Maintain Her weight

It’s so achievable & straightforward that you can’t fail

I have always admired Rebel for a good number of years. Not only is she Australia, but she’s done so well in a field where women do it tough for NOT looking a certain way. To an extent, I looked up to her for being the way she was and not resorting to change because of those dreadful “Hollywood Standards.” But as she is very health-conscious and knows the pitfalls of obesity and a less than ideal diet. Her current lifestyle would not serve her long-term. I loved her to bits back then, and even more so now that she’s decided to make the weight loss change for herself — and it didn’t involve someone else telling her to do so. Rebel decided she wanted to make the change, which set her up for initial success: the desire and the ‘why’ behind the decision. We all have to have a why, as it’s the most significant driver to stick with our goal, despite how we feel on a particular day. I’m sure Rebel doesn’t want to exercise and eat well most days — but she has a higher purpose, which keeps her going. Plus, she’s very enthusiastic about sharing her journey and tips so that it can inspire others too. I love how Rebel went about her weight loss plan. It’s simple, easy for just about anyone, and there are no involvement with magic diet pills, surgery or expensive treatments that most celebrities indulge in to get the job done. Instead, Rebel went about this right and changed her habits and lifestyle, making it suitable to stick to daily. Rebel could be on set, filming or with her family at home — either way, she can still stick to her eating and exercise plan. When the weight has gone, most people experience a lot of struggle to maintain their shape. I get it; I’m the same too. Events like Easter, Christmas or holidays can sometimes create a space for a bit of overindulgence. That’s all ok; it’s just dusting yourself off and starting again. 

A key feature of Rebels diet

Rebel insists on eating a high protein diet, white fish, chicken and salmon. What’s surprising is that Rebel would previously eat a higher carb diet, which left her hungry. So eating more protein was new for her and something she’s adapted to now. The previous lockdown helped Rebel slow down, become more aware of her eating habits, and uncover why she was plagued with emotional eating for so long. “I think I was emotionally eating and overeating because I didn’t love myself enough. And it comes down to that self-worth and self-love.” Rebel mentioned in a Women’s Health Interview. That comment shows that overeating has a lot to do with emotions, and constantly working on ourselves is as essential as eating well and exercising. Are you an emotional eater? Emotional eating may inhibit you from achieving your goal; therefore, it might be time to consider the reason and tackle it first. 

No deprivation allowed

Rebel allows herself to indulge in cravings once in a while. However, balance is essential and healthy for anyone eating well 80–90% of the time. Instead of eating a whole burger and fries, she might have half the portion and still feel ok. The craving has been met, and she can move on with her life. Although I would never recommend going overboard, denying yourself the foods you love is not ideal. We all have those particular cravings or foods we enjoy eating that are somewhat comforting. I do indeed love dark chocolate and sourdough bread. These are my critical indulgences, and I like to spread them out during the week. Everything in moderation makes an enjoyable life and helps you stick to healthy eating over the long term. 

What about her training?

Rebel works with a trainer daily, doing a lot of high-intensity interval training. But that doesn’t involve the treadmill; she flips tires, skips and sprints upstairs. In addition, her trainers sometimes like to work out with her, adding extra motivation. You, too, could adapt to this training method. I have begun to create a few high-intensity strongman sessions myself because they are tough and help increase muscle building and strength while triggering fat burning — all at the same time. It’s pretty hard, but it’s a great feeling once you see how your strength and fitness multiply. But in light of all this, I understand that not everyone can afford a personal trainer seven days a week (I wish I could too!). But, Rebel is in love with walking. She takes long hikes on the weekends and walks in the mornings. I encourage you to work with a personal trainer once or twice a week, so they can show you the ropes and perhaps invest in an app that will help you develop training programs. That way, you can eventually train yourself and know how to use the proper form and technique. No need for seven days a week of personal training. Once in a while, learning and developing more of an understanding of exercise is a very sustainable goal. 

Key take away

Rebel makes it look and sound easy, but it was anything but easy! Tell me anyone’s weight loss journey that wasn’t hard as nails — especially in the beginning! Changing habits and then motivating yourself when all you want to do is quit — can be very challenging on an emotional and physical level. But Rebel has been open and honest about her journey, continuously posting on social media. It’s been tough for her to deal with emotional eating, but she’s working on it. It’s a journey. We all have our inner critic waiting to rear its head. We don’t have to quieten down the voice — but be more aware of it and how it affects us, then discover ways we can overcome the voice and move past it. Eventually, that voice will start to whisper until it ultimately leaves. Now, that is the most significant self-development journey you could ever take in your life — and it starts with one decision to change. 

Finally, Rebel mentioned that she does not endorse diet pills, shakes, or crypto. She also clarifies that the “Mayr Method ” was not the diet she used, which is false and misleading to many of her fans.

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