Getting that lean body as quickly as possible In 2021

Getting a lean body quickly is not all that it seems. There are a few hiccups that can come about if you transition towards rapid fat loss quickly. We will go through those below. Keep in mind that if you have a lot more weight to lose, initially, you will probably lose quite a bit until it starts to taper off into the “backlash” zone. That’s when your body understands your game, and it starts to negate that fat loss. This is entirely normal, and each of us will experience it differently. Whenever I embark on weight loss, I never usually have a lot of weight to lose. Therefore, it’s a lot more time consuming for me. If you don’t have much to change in terms of your diet, then it’s going to be a tough and challenging battle to come. That’s not to say that it will be impossible. You have to be willing to keep at it until the successful outcome is reached. That is apparent for those who want to lose a lot or a small amount. You must have some sticking power in this game that’s for sure! In terms of fast weight loss, I have one strategy for you. This will help you to lose weight without sacrificing the things you love to eat. What you must remember is that it’s not a ticket to eat more than what you need. This will stall your results. You may be one of the people that say this type of lifestyle plan doesn’t work! Well, it does, if you treat it as a strategy which needs the same amount of care and hard work involved as any other diet around. That means, you will still have to watch what you eat

#1 top fat loss strategy you need to implement for life

If you have read any of my other posts, then this one will sound like a broken record (I apologise in advance) – and that answer is FASTING!You may or may not have read about this previously, but if you have not, then you’ve definitely been missing out on the key strategy for weight loss, weight maintenance and also bringing your health back. I’ve not known a lifestyle plan that can hit the bull’s eye on all of those factors. Usually, diets leave you short-changed when you get to that plateau, and not sure how to progress from that state. This is entirely different! If you play your cards correctly in the kitchen, exercise and maintain this for life, you will never have a problem with weight or develop debilitating health issues.

Six life-altering things Fasting has made for my health and life

  1. I can eat my treats once a week, with abandon and not experience dieters rebound as I did when on a calorie-controlled diet.
  2. I can eat my carbs, and if I prefer to lean up a bit more, I just carb cycle.
  3. I use different fasting times to provide the most flexibility in my lifestyle. That means, if I have a wedding, birthday party or some other function, I can still eat food and have a great time with the people I care about
  4. My skin looks fantastic, young and blemishes free. I don’t need expensive skin products to fight the signs of ageing – my body naturally helps me do that.
  5. I can finally build muscle mass and strength with weight training consistently! This had never happened to me before because as my hormones fluctuated every month, I’d be running a tide of extreme exhaustion for weeks on end, they have the smallest window of increased energy. This is not a problem for me anymore!
  6. I don’t suffer from cravings or extreme blood sugar surges as I once did. That allows me to keep my nutrition in top form and never to have to resort to the dreadful bingeing that once plagued me

Now, there are many, many more that I could mention, but I don’t want this to be too long for you. Fasting for fat loss is simple, effective and fast. I believe this is the most essential point to make. You don’t need fancy food, weigh your food, eat every 3 hours, or become moody from lack of food. As surprised as you may be by this point, until you begin to fast, you will not appreciate just how much more peaceful life is without constant cravings and urges to eat the whole fridge contents because you’re ‘starving.” I can’t tell you what a huge relief it is for me because I don’t have to eat past lunchtime. Dinner has never been a kind meal for me, and I was never hungry, and when I did eat, I could not sleep well! You may be asking, how long will it take me to lose weight? To that I say, why not go on Facebook and join some of the Intermittent fasting groups and see for yourself, how much weight can be lost and at what timeframe. This will help motivate you. I find these groups extremely moving and highly beneficial for me. I always get a kick out of seeing someone succeed. Spreading the word on something that has brought people back to health and a more confident and grounded sense of well being is worth shouting from the rooftops! I hope this answer helps you understand more about fat loss. If you appreciate this post, please feel free to upvote it, and do come along and get your complimentary goal setting guide for 2021. I’m also on social if you are active in that space.

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