6 effective belly fat burning strategies that actually work

Fat around the belly is mainly visceral fat and is usually located behind the abdominal wall, surrounded by organs. The fat causes inflammation to the organs, because of the types of substances it releases. This amounts to inhibiting your bodies ability to burn fat. Therefore, more triglycerides get into the bloodstream.

When your insulin sensitivity is decreased, hypertension and elevated triglycerides may result in higher LDL cholesterol and perhaps the onset of diabetes.

For men, high visceral fat lowers testosterone levels, which decreases your overall health, makes you more susceptible to diabetes, and reduces your bone density. This makes it even more difficult for men to increase muscle mass.

Women, on the other hand, do not gain as much fat in this area as men do. Our fat mass is usually generated in the hips and thigh area. The protocol for belly fat loss is very similar for men and women. Men have the upper hand, as they can build muscle a lot faster than women. Here are some ways in which you can burn belly fat faster.

Six effective belly fat burning strategies that work

  1. Build your muscle mass – men and woman apply. The more muscle you have, the more elevated your metabolism will become, supporting a better hormonal and biochemical environment. This will lower fat stores over time, and decrease your risk of disease. You will also be protected long term from accumulating fat stores – as long as you use effective programming to build muscle, at least 3–4 times per week. Both strength building and hypertrophy programs will work very well. Patience and perseverance is key here. It does take time to do this.
  2. HIIT training – burning stubborn fat stores. High-intensity interval training allows you to hold on to that precious muscle you are building, releasing growth hormone, which elevates testosterone levels. It’s also beneficial for women in strengthening and leaning the legs. Ladies, this is a great way to diminish that fat accumulation on the thighs and hips. Aim to interval train at least two times per week, for 20 minutes only. More is most definitely counterproductive.
  3. Eat high-quality protein with every meal. Protein is essential when you are building muscle and trying to lose body fat. It’s also necessary for a steady release of energy throughout the day, keeping your mood and concentration focused. I recommend fish, salmon, eggs, turkey and chicken regularly. The protein will keep you full for more extended periods. Aim to eat real food first, and use protein shakes as an emergency back up when needed.
  4. Eat good fat. Good quality, a healthy fat that your body needs are olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, avocado and nuts. You should include these in your diet every day. Coconut oil can be heated at high temperatures, without becoming rancid. Use it as a cooking oil on your protein and vegetable sources. Olive oil is best saved for those beautiful green salads.
  5. Have enough fibre. It would help if you were making plant consumption very important, for its mineral, vitamin and fibre levels. You should aim for 25 grams per day, and supplement when needed. Fibre helps you balance your insulin health and decrease belly fat. Think of consuming many green vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus and spinach leaves
  6. Drink lots of water every day, even when you don’t want to. Staying hydrated is key to belly fat loss, and increase levels of energy. Most of the time we mistake hunger for thirst; therefore, it’s best we drink 1–2 cups of water before we even attempt to eat anything. Make sure it is hunger before you eat.

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