Why morning exercise will benefit your entire life in 5 significant ways

Exercising every single morning has become a ritual in my life.

When I spend the early morning hours exercising and being in what I call “the zone”, I set myself up for the rest of the day ahead. Setting my day up ensures that I am in a peak performance state, and I know I can tackle anything challenging which comes my way. I’m willing to go the extra mile and have the energy to do so. Exercise can be a powerful state that changes your physiology.After a few years of training, you will become somewhat hooked to those “feel good” hormones accompanying a great workout. Whether you work out in the mornings or afternoons, there is no right or wrong. The best time to work out is suitable for you, and that can be scheduled daily. 

Most people appreciate a morning workout for the following reasons:

  • First, they are less likely to be interrupted by family, phone calls, emails and messages.
  • It doesn’t interfere with their work and family schedules.
  • It’s a great incentive to get their workout completed first thing, and they are less likely to make excuses in the afternoons.
  • It’s a peaceful and quiet time.

If you have contemplated morning workouts for a while but haven’t taken the plunge, the following points were created to convince you. 

Five benefits of morning workouts for the professional, motivated and results-driven individual

One: Increase your focus, concentration and attention.

There is a motive behind the madness of many successful CEO’s when it comes to working out in the morning. Physical activity improves your focus and concentration, attention, visual learning and decision making throughout the day. If you want to break up the monotony of prolonged sitting during the day, go for a 3-minute walk break every 30 minutes. This alone stimulates better cognition and concentration. So rather than giving into sugar cravings at 3 pm, why not walk in the sunshine for a few minutes and watch how much your energy changes.


Two: You will be motivated to move more during the day.

Being physically active in the morning increase your chances of doing even more activity during the latter part of the day. This is excellent news if you want to decrease your body weight or lead a more active lifestyle. It seems that morning exercise provides the foundation for making positive choices throughout the day without forcefully motivating yourself to do so. So it’s a win-win all around.


Three: Improve your sleep in the evening.

After completing a morning workout, participants seem to spend more time in deep sleep — proclaims a 2014 study in Vascular Health and Risk Management. Those who work out in the morning also experience fewer nighttime awakenings and take less time to fall asleep.


Four: More energy during the day.

You will notice this one when you DON’T work out for one morning.Regular exercise is a fantastic alternative if you want to have a steady flow of energy during the day without becoming plagued by fatigue. When you work up a sweat exercising, oxygen and nutrients travel to your heart and lungs. As a result, exercise dramatically improves your cardiovascular system, endurance and stamina.If you want to achieve your best every day and bypass exhaustion — then definitely continue to work out every morning — even for 10 minutes. 

Five: Helps you make healthier choices during the day.

It makes sense that when you start the day by making a healthy choice, then you will be more likely to continue the flow and finish the day off right. Keeping your energy flowing to make the most out of your day will make healthy nutritional choices. Six: It puts you in a better and more positive mood.Perhaps it’s got to do with the release of those feel-good hormones during a workout — or maybe it’s a self-care ritual of putting yourself and your health first. It makes a big difference to your self-confidence when you practice self-love. Showing you want the best out of yourself can put you in a great mood — and bring out a cheerful and motivating nature. As a morning exerciser, I could not think of training my mind and body any other time of the day.I feel that I’m not my best self without some self-care during the early hours. Perhaps it’s a mix of having some time on my own, pushing those limiting beliefs out the window by getting an extra rep out, or walking that little bit faster on the treadmill.Whatever it is, I never regret the extra effort made or that hour of lost sleep. Without this simple ritual every morning, I feel I could move ahead most positively and productively possible. I urge you to try out the morning shift and see what a difference it makes in your own life.

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