How to bypass a sluggish metabolism when dieting

Did you know that every single calorie-restricted diet you’ve been on, has the ability to downsize your metabolism, leaving you wondering why no diet in the world ever works? I know how you feel, and I’m here to let you know there is one lifestyle plan that can put all that imprinting to rest.
If you’ve been dieting most of your life, I’m guessing that you’ve come to cross several hits and misses. Trying this or that diet can be both exciting as well as sometimes very frustrating. You get to a certain point in your diet where things begin to slow down. Those times can leave us susceptible to giving up and then trying something else. I don’t know about you, but this was my story for many years.
When I began my bodybuilding journey, dieting took a severe turn for the worst. It was not just about the diet, but I put my body through much training and an endless amount of stress. The food consumption didn’t serve me well. I was always on a lower-carb diet, eating copious amounts of protein. My liver took a bit of a beating because of it. When I stopped, all that dieting went out where it came from, and then the body fat started to pile on. I had always been a small person for most of my life, and it was a shock to the system when I began to gain weight – despite my good nutritional habits.
It doesn’t matter if we went on a bodybuilding diet or the keto diet. Whatever restricts nutritional value can sometimes slow our metabolism. This is more than likely to happen in calorie-restricted diets. Caloric restriction also increases the amount of muscle you can lose. I know I have experienced this for many years when on a restricted caloric diet. I’m positive that if you, too, put weight training as an essential part of your routine, you would find that on a restricted caloric diet, you may as well flush away all your muscle-building efforts.
This is where the magic of fasting comes into action. It’s one of the only lifestyle eating plans that increase your metabolism, capacity to develop and sustain muscle as well as increase your longevity!
There isn’t a vast body of research supporting long-term fasting and its benefits, but the evidence is all around. Perhaps, someone you associate with, or maybe you are an avid intermittent faster. Whatever the case may be, this is a superior diet choice, especially when sustaining weight loss for life.
I will say about fasting – in terms of metabolism-that a 2000 study showed that the REE (resting energy expenditure) goes up with every additional day of fasting. So, you are burning more energy than you do without fasting. Your body is turning into a fat-burning 24/7 machine.
Suppose you want a sustainable and manageable way to lose weight without damaging your body, metabolism or state of mind. In that case, I highly recommend you try fasting as it’s one of the best and possibly the most accessible lifestyle plan you could ever have.
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