How To Turn A “Writer’s Block” Into A Never Ending Flow Of Endless Ideas

It’s all a matter of changing your mindset.

I’m an avid listener — not so much a reader anymore. I get a lot more knowledge out of my Audiobooks than paperback form these days. The truth is that I am pretty time-poor, and I prefer to be active than sit on the couch. But, unfortunately, that makes me fall asleep. During one of my walking adventures, I realised that I had a so-called “writer’s block” and resonated quite well with another writer on Medium, saying she felt the same way. It happened well over a week for her, and at that moment I realised she was talking about me too! I fell into the trap of that block and have been using re-purposed blog posts to get by. After all, when you have a writing goal and want to build up engagement, it pays to keep making that effort to get the results you want. Fortunately, while listening to a manifestation book written by a woman who is also a full-time writer, she began talking about the same thing. One client had asked her how she receives content inspiration to keep writing at a steady stream. The client had experienced several so-called “writers blocks”, which made the writing experience quite stressful.

Her advice was as follows:

  1. It’s important to know that you always have an abundance of ideas constantly flowing within you.
  2. Swap the mindset of the block to flow instead — because you are that — ever-flowing of ideas
  3. Take a break for a couple of days — don’t read or go on social media at all (if you dare!). Instead, think about what you want and what your own goals are

Although these were important, I suddenly realised I was heading in the same direction as most writers. I was blocking the flow of ideas due to my poor languaging and mindset. Using the words block will produce just that- blocked ideas that become stuck due to obstructing the flow. But, of course, I was doing this to myself — as is everyone else. If you think about it this way — why do you sometimes have endless bundles of ideas and write till your fingers become numb — and then nothing? It’s not there is something wrong with you — you are just getting in your way, & becoming the blockage problem — that’s all. Once we realise this small thing — then the plug unblocks in due time. It might take a bit of faith and trust to get yourself back into the flow of things — but it happens, and you better be ready with your computer or a notebook! So if you find yourself somewhat stuck — think of yourself always inflow — because you are. You are just describing a moment in time in a way that doesn’t serve you. If you can start changing that, then the world of ideas will flow in like a tidal wave. Just be ready when that happens because you don’t want to miss a thing! 

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