What is a good metabolism booster?

One thing that most people don’t realise is that restricted eating can be the key to boosting your metabolism’s potential.


Why fasting

So many people believe that skipping meals causes your body to adapt by lowering its metabolic rate. I know I’ve been conditioned to this for many years. To some extent, it is true, when you have very long periods without food, your metabolism can and will eventually drop. However, studies have shown that fasting for short periods can increase your metabolism, not slow it down – by as much as 14%, This is thought to be a result from norepinephrine, that’s a big promotor of fat burning.


How does IF compare to caloric restriction

It’s a natural occurrence for your body’s metabolism to decrease when dieting. Part of this problem is that we lose muscle mass. One way to combat this is always to make sure you’re eating enough protein.

Now, on the other hand, when we restrict calories over more extended periods (as in, caloric restriction), our metabolism drops because of the body transitions into ‘starvation mode” in the bid to save energy as its defence against starvation.

It can take a very long time to recover from this, and one may find themselves regaining the lost weight back over time.


But what about muscle loss?

As stated above, dieting can decrease your metabolism, mainly because of the muscle loss that dieting brings about. When we have muscle mass, our metabolic rate is kept higher as muscle is active tissue.

Fasting has proven to preserve muscle mass better than caloric restriction, due to the hormonal responses that fasting elicits. I will keep my eyes and ears for when that new information becomes about, and let it be known.


What about the long term.

As with any weight loss or muscle building program or strategy, it needs to be implemented regularly to increase, sustain and maintain it. That means fasting would need to become part of your life strategy for your health and longevity – not just your weight loss or metabolism rate.

Part of your overall plan should be to sustain and maintain. You want to make sure that hard work and effort initially is something that will still be apparent 2–10 years or more down the track. Fasting is a very easy, realistic and effective means to achieve all of those goals, now and for life.

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