Increase Your Health & Lifespan by Doing one Simple Thing Daily

All you need to do is practice some restrictions for the best long term benefits

Many studies have been conducted on mice, worms, and flies to discover what can enhance their lifespan. Researchers limited calories from animals and quickly noticed that it extended their lifespan. The challenge lies in the limited research uncovered to understand if humans may benefit from the same practice. Many Yale researchers confirmed that there are health benefits of moderate caloric restrictions in humans. These findings were noted on February 10 in Science (see link at the end of this feature). The following specifies how researchers conducted the study. Participants established the baseline caloric intake of 200 study participants. Then, researchers asked a portion of those to reduce their caloric intake by 14%, while everyone else continued to eat as they usually would. They took the findings and analysed the long-term effects of caloric restriction over the next two years. The basis for the study was to find out if the caloric restriction was beneficial for humans, as much as it is for lab animals. Plus, researchers wanted to understand better what caloric restriction does to the body and if it does lead to improved health- specifically how inflammation and our immune response might react. The main gland the researchers kept their eyes on is called Thymus. This gland sits above the heart and produces T cells, a white blood cell that is key to our immune system. The Thymus ages faster than any other organs, and as we age, it makes fewer T cells. This is key to fighting pathogens and explains why the elderly are at greater risk of illnesses. How can you tell if this gland is ageing? The gland simply appears fatty and non-functional. The study found differences in this gland’s appearance in the restricted caloric group and the people told to eat normally. Participants who restricted their calories had less fat and greater functional volume. However, those who did not limit their calories didn’t have the exact change in volume or function. Researchers conducted these findings after two years. 

Key take away here

The research doesn’t delve into what kind of diet is best for extending your lifespan and health (as there isn’t enough research on these matters). It seems that a simple form of caloric reduction, and no specific diet, has remarkable effects and shifts immune states in a protective direction for human health. Let’s wait for more research comparing so-called diets and perhaps Intermittent fasting. It seems odd that researchers haven’t delved a lot deeper into this lifestyle & scream just how beneficial it is to millions of people worldwide. 

Only time will tell.

Here is the report should you want to read more into this study.

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