What was I thinking? The question that can ruin your progress

Do you ever look back during your writing infancy and cringe?

 Today I was looking back through my blog, picking up some posts that I could re-vamp and add a bit of life to. At the moment, my goal is to publish as much as I possibly can, filtering in blog posts I’ve already created. But the problem is, there is a WHOLE lot of editing required throughout these pieces. Therefore I spend more time editing, in frustration that perhaps it would be a lot wiser to re-create the whole post again. Write crap & get crap results, I always say. But we all have to start as a whole pile of cows dung. That’s pretty much everyone taking an unknown path and requires refining along the way. I started listening to a great audiobook (The Gap & the Gain By Dan Sullivan & Dr Benjamin Hardy) about the so-called “gap” and the “gain”, and this is why it resonated with me. Most people get stuck in the gap between the start of their journey and towards the end (which is probably attainable or unattainable depending on your goal). Every goalpost (gap) is a step forward — even if it isn’t visible to you right now. We hit one target, then it’s time for the next one. Most of us get stuck in those potholes of that gap — focusing on what’s lacking. We disregard the signpost as if we haven’t achieved anything. It’s not uncommon to continuously look at our failure to attain the significant end goal now and not praise and reward ourselves according to the gains (however small) we’ve made along the process towards mastery. That’s exactly how I feel about my writing — then I realised what I was doing and stopped. Most of us start relatively good at it, but some are a bit behind. I was never that talented at writing but felt good about digging deep into my message. The journey towards Medium mastery started with one step and then kept moving forward. Today, I’m moving another step higher. The results keep climbing upward because I keep chipping away at my goal. Like most people, I have been spending my time in the gap — picking on my inadequacies instead of praising the achievements I’ve made so far. Have you criticised yourself for lack of views or substance in your posts or other parts of your life?  Well then, it’s time to stop that right now and be grateful for how far you’ve come. When you come to the gap, look for the gain instead of the lack. If you would like to read more about this, please download the book — I highly recommend it. Paperback, Kindle or Audiobook for The Gap & The Gain(please choose when you get to the page) Podcast for The Gap & The Gain (free)I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do. Please note- The link provided is from Amazon Affiliates, and I may make a small fee for the purpose of providing a valuable book review that can assist you along your writing journey. 

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