If you could give only one tip for someone looking to lose weight, what would it be?

Ah, these one tips are really hard as I believe several tips work in conjunction to create massive results.

When I think about the key thing I did to initially lose weight, it all boils down to the most essential part of overall health and weight loss.. and that is your gut health.

Why is this a key issue in weight loss and management? Our bodies are literally riddled with bacteria, that is why!

These organisms control how much we eat and what we choose to eat! They affect our brain function, thinking patterns and general mood.

Your gut bacteria also affect how the foods you eat are digested, and the chemical reactions it makes to promote satiety. As you can now imagine, how much of a big part this process affects your weight management.

Why the gut?

The hundreds of bacteria in your intestines carry out essential tasks, as well as carrying diseases. It is the main communicator with your immune system, and helps your body fight off infections. It also influences how and what you digest, which is key to influencing your body composition.

The gut makes connection with the food you eat, and affects the nutrients you absorb, as well as how your energy is stored within the body. Did you know that obese and lean people have completely different gut bacteria?

Inflammation markers

Inflammation is the process of your bodies immune system fights infection. An unhealthy diet is the main culprit. Trigger foods cause weight gain and obesity. Foods high in sugar, bad fat and consuming too many calories are all to blame for this.


Medications have a negative affect on gut bacteria, especially antibiotics. This compound kills good bacteria, leaving your digestive tract stripped bare. It takes years to undo the wrong impression antibiotics inflict to your gut health.

Exercising and recovery

Training produces inflammation which can damage the junctions in your gut if you don’t allow your body to recovery quickly. Exercise also produces stress, that can elevate cortisol levels. This has a knock on effect of taxing the immune system to extremes and cause illness.

Histamine increases gastric acid secretion, which leads to bloating and can cause the gut to leak. It triggers the transmitters that stimulate the nervous system and raise stress levels as a response. That means, train hard but recover when needed.

Gluten & wheat

Food intolerance’s occurs when eating a particular food causes an increase in the permeability of that single cell layer protecting your body.

The reason for so many people react to gluten and wheat is because modern wheat contains strains of gluten that have different properties than the grans we ate one hundred years ago. Because of this, it’s ideal to eliminate gluten and wheat from your diet, if you experience immune and skin responses.

Other food intolerance’s should be avoided completely

You will definitely becomes familiar as to that causes gut issues for you after years of suffering. People with the poorest gut health are the ones most susceptible to issues. The trick is to be as diligent as you can with your food, and your outdoor food choices.

7 action steps to restore and enhance gut bacteria

  1. Cruciferous vegetables. Lot’s of greens are essential to clearing up the cut bacteria.
  2. Chew your food slowly. It’s important for you to take your time to eat, sit down comfortably and not in front of a computer scree either!
  3. Fish oil and zinc. Eat a variety of fish, especially wild fish (if you can handle it). Fish have a lot of power to fight the markers of inflammation. It’s also a wonderful joint lubricator for active and older individuals
  4. Pre biotic consumption. Foods like green bananas, sauerkraut & kombucha are a few options to eat daily.
  5. Rest and sleep. This helps heal your body and decrease the stress caused by hard training and the busy aspects of life in general.
  6. Dietary fibre proves to be a key component towards lower body mass index. Plant antioxidants called flavonoids are also favourable for your gut colony. Try these on for size with your protein sources
  7. Stressful jobs require less intense training. Aim for 2–4 sessions per week, no longer than an hour each.

Opt to try Gutright formula, which has proven to increase the good bacteria in our gut, strip out the bad guys and increase weight loss.

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