Four Brilliant Reasons Why You should Drink Multiple Cups Of Coffee Daily

Woman drinking a cup of coffee

These four reasons might change your mind about drinking coffee.


Coffee drinking has become a bit of a cult hit amongst morning dwellers.
The need for instant wakefulness, energy, drive and stamina is found in a golden cup of coffee every morning.
I can’t live without mine — no matter where and what I do.
In February, I had surgery, and the only thing I could have given my soul for was a nice cup of coffee!
Certain dietary and lifestyle choices can boost our health markers, and coffee provides added benefits beyond that wake-up call.
In America, 80 per cent of people report consuming coffee daily, and I bet it’s just as high in other parts of the world.
A nice morning cup boosts the nutritional value of antioxidants and micronutrients like magnesium and potassium.
Coffee can also contain no calories if indulging in an expresso or long black.

Coffee can also boost your longevity.

Drinking several cups daily (there is also a limit to how many is too many) can extend your longevity.
But remember that this is only for people who do not add sugars, creams and other toxic additives to the coffee.

Coffee may also help you keep cancer away.

Although family history plays a significant role in cancer development, it does stem from lifestyle choices.
Lifestyle choices include the foods we eat, how much stress we experience, exercise levels, and sleep quality!
All these rolls into one, making us much more susceptible to cancer.
Drinking coffee and intervening with your diet and exercise can decrease your cancer risk.

Coffee might help keep your heart healthy.

The Journal of Agricultural food chemistry says that drinking three to five cups of coffee daily is associated with a 15 per cent reduction in the risk of heart disease.
However, you should ensure you don’t add sugar and excessive creams to your coffee, as this can negate coffee’s heart-healthy benefits.
As heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, it pays to use coffee and lifestyle habits to keep your heart healthy.

Coffee can help curb hunger and aid in weight loss.

Obesity has become an epidemic all over the world.
A cup of coffee won’t end obesity, but drinking several cups daily, eating a whole-food diet, and exercising will certainly put you ahead of the game.
Caffeine also helps reduce body fat and weight gain, greatly supporting healthy weight maintenance and leading a healthy life.

Key take away

Coffee is not only a very popular beverage but also brings about many benefits in terms of health and longevity.
If you already love coffee, I don’t have to encourage you to be much, but from this research — be very well reassured that drinking your golden cups every day is helping you live longer and stay healthy.

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