The real truth about diet sodas and weight gain

Diet drinks seem to be used by anyone that wants to watch their sugar consumption whilst enjoying something to drink that’s similar, if not the same, as the higher sugar alternative. These drinks filled with high-level or artificial sweeteners (which aren’t that great for you either). These are usually aspartame, cyclamates, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose. You may get some on the market now that use stevia or monk fruit sweetener (that’s derived from a plant and less toxic). People naturally assume that because some sodas are calorie-free, it’s safe to have regularly. Research suggests to us that this is not usually the case. Studies have shown that using artificial sweeteners and drinking large amounts of diet sodas is associated with the risk of increased obesity and metabolic syndrome (1, 2). These so-called diet sodas can increase your appetite by stimulating hunger hormones, altering your taste bud receptors and triggering that same response you get when consuming a sweet thing (dopamine) in the brain. A lot of the studies shown are conducted by the soda companies, which will bring forward a positive outcome towards drinking soda, stating that they can help with weight loss. Would you trust studies conducted by the companies or by properly conducted research on humans? That said, more studies are required to form a conclusion – but during my research, there is evidence that some people do use diet sodas as a means to satisfy that sweet craving – rather than resorting to highly caloric dense foods. Those more inclined to do this will still hold on to the high sugar gives them, which is undoubtfully very hard to overcome. If you want to cut out sugar from your diet, my advice is not to supplement it with something else that is sweet. This is the easiest way to prolong the fixation on needing something as a pick me up. Eliminating those sugar cravings means you have to allow your body to detoxify from sugar for at least 40 days in total. Yes, it’s tough, and you may succumb to the craving a few times, but it’s well worth your time and effort (including the moments when you want to cry!). If you have the discipline to enjoy a diet soda once in a while and not have one every day (or 3 or 5!), this should not lead to weight gain. I enjoy drinking my sugar-free kombucha drinks. I don’t have them all the time, but I like to have mine with mineral or soda water to quench my thrust during summer. Enjoying too many of them cause me to feel uncomfortable in the belly due to the high carbonated levels. Either way, too much of a health or junk type food isn’t going to assist you along the long weight loss journey. Balance is critical, but that doesn’t mean having to be obsessed too. Remember that one bad meal doesn’t equal failure – we all deserve a treat meal once in a while, and if that’s diet soda for you – go for it. Just keep in mind that more is not always better.I hope you found this article helpful, and I would love you to upvote it if you did. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your Empowering habit changer guide. I’m also on Instagram.

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