Burn Belly Fat Fast With Four Super Effective Exercise Methods

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When you combine nutrition and the right exercise — belly fat-blasting becomes easier

Losing body fat can be challenging on its own, but losing belly fat is on another level.
Belly fat can linger for years, despite diet and well-meaning exercise techniques.
Throughout my body-building journey, I’ve learnt that the key fundamental belly fat-burning strategy is sharpening my nutrition and doing the right exercises.
I, too, believed it was impossible to make it happen. However, the truth is that the journey is challenging but not impossible.
Belly fat blasting is a journey like no other.
It takes a bit of grit, dedication and some hard work. But you can do this, and here are some exercise methods you can use along with your dietary requirements.
Give these a try, and let me know how you go.

One: Challenge yourself with a circuit strategy

Circuit training is my favourite fat-burning strategy.
It’s challenging, intense, and perfect for the busy mum or business person that needs to ‘just get it done.’
You combine at least five exercises in one big workout — resting only at the end of performing all five! So yes, it’s a sweat session indeed.
I permit you to take a 90-second break when you’re done — then you have to get back to business for another four rounds.
If you stop at three, that’s perfectly fine. Aim to do one more round next time.
It is one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular endurance and strength.

Two: Peripheral training

Peripheral training differs from HIIT, as its principal goal is to make you sustain an elevated heart rate by sending blood flow to different body parts throughout this workout.
So, there are no spikes, and recovery sessions are involved.
Instead, it’s full speed — away you burn training!
You will need to incorporate full-body exercises during this workout.
You can also use two exercises that combine opposing muscles.
For example, that could be biceps and triceps, then squats and hamstring extensions (very much like a superset).
To make the most of this workout, it’s probably better to alternate between upper and lower body exercises, so you don’t over-exhaust one particular body part.
Writing about this probably doesn’t give it enough justice, and I’d like to direct you to this YouTube video that will give you a much better representation.
There is no right or wrong here — experiment and try a few alternatives.
Keep this method in mind when you get those awful weight loss plateaus. It will fix that!
Doing this kind of training will ignite the fat burn again.

Three: Cardio Acceleration Training

I LOVE this method and use it daily to attain a fat-burning and muscle-building session in one day!
First, pick two exercises (say lunges and back extensions) and perform them back to back.
Then rest for 20 seconds only, then begin those exercises in succession again. Super setting burns calories whilst making you stronger and builds muscle and cardiovascular endurance.
I like to hit all goals in one — the more I can hit, the better.
Throw some super sets for fun and fat burning in the mix regularly!

Four: Multi-Joint

Multi-Join exercises are challenging and rewarding.
Multi-joint movements hit as many muscles as possible in one movement.
In addition, it gives your metabolism the biggest ignition possible because it takes a lot of effort for your body to push through the resistance.
Don’t fear these movements, such as deadlifting, squats, bench presses and lunges.
They are challenging, but the sky is the limit once you correct your technique.
One way I do this is to start my workout fresh with one multi-joint exercise.
That could be squatting or even a bench press.
Doing so helps me to give all my energy to a very powerful and rewarding exercise first (when I have the most energy).
Of course, it’s natural for your muscles to become worn out, but don’t fret!
That’s why you should save those isolated exercises at the end of your session.
It ensures you hit the muscles right until they can’t take anymore! Now, that’s effective training.

Key take away

Surely, one or more methods will help increase your fat burn and build muscle and endurance simultaneously.
If you keep your nutrition sharp, follow some of these methods and keep trying — belly fat won’t ever be a problem for you again.
Make sure you take a rest day after these, as they can be intense and quite taxing on your nervous system.

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