Which split is best for muscle building?

The most effective spits are segmenting upper and lower body. When splitting your training by body parts, you have a more effective chance at hitting a higher volume of training, as you allow muscle to rest from a section of the body (say your upper body) then the next day, hitting the lower body.

It looks a little like this example:

Day one: Shoulders and back

Day two: Hamstrings and calves

Day Three: Biceps and triceps

Day four: rest

Day Five: Chest and traps

Day Six: Quads and glutes

Day seven: rest

I prefer to allocate 3 days on and one or two days off to allow the body a full recovery and increase muscle protein synthesis. I would also couple the training week with a high caloric consumption day – which just means you consume more food than you normally would. This is great for igniting your metabolism and replenishing muscles.

You can further segment your splits by incorporating different muscle groups within a particular workout. Say, for legs, you may want to target your back and legs – therefore performing deadlifts and lunges. The alternatives are never ending, and there is no best or worst approach – but whatever segmentation you choose in terms of muscle groups, you will get great results by focusing purely on smashing particular body parts.

Final word on split training

If you want your muscles to grow, they need to be trained frequently. Genetics does have some inherent bonus factors when it comes to building muscle mass, but your true ability to gain muscles mass is determined by the rate in which you recover, so you can get back into the gym and smash it. It’s very important you split your training into lower and upper body sessions. So when you are smashing the lower body on day one, then day two lower body rests, whilst we rep out the upper section.

It’s recommended that males train every body part twice a week, and females will work best with hitting every body part three times a week. You can go less than this amount, as it depends on your recovery and how much time you have on your hands.

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