Is full body training better than split training for building muscle?

In order to build muscle, we have to stimulate them via lifting, as well as proper nutrition. The type of program matters as much as the type of food you are eating. They all work together in unity to produce the kind of results you want.

Building muscle requires targeted training towards specific muscle groups, in order to produce the most effective stimulus for damage and therefore growth. A high volume is also required, in order to stimulate each muscle group effectively. This is the aim if you are after some form of symmetry on your body.

When we are aiming at losing more body fat or getting leaner, then full body training, circuit training, super or tri sets will be a lot more beneficial for you. Although these forms of exercise do produce some successful results – if you really want to get down to business, split training should be your main focus.

Split training requires you to apply very vigorous force to the muscle at any one given time, then allowing that to recover, whilst you hit another muscle group the next day. A training split can look like this:
– Hamstring and calves
– Biceps and triceps
– Back and shoulders
– Abs and quads

You can make up your own splits as you feel necessary, based on how your body is reacting to this. Some muscles may need a lot more work than others. You might find that your legs react very well, but upper body is lagging behind. My advice on this is to focus on upper body 2–3 times a week, and have only one leg session.

The training session splits should fall as 3 days on/ one day off. This is a sample of a formula: Biceps and triceps, hamstrings and glutes, back and shoulders, rest. This will give your body the correct amount of stimulus needed for hypertrophy.

You can choose to alternate your split training to focus one week on strength, and the other week on growth. This means you have to play around with your repetition range, as well as the amount of time you are resting.

I prefer super setting exercises, but when you want to gain strength, longer rest periods are essential, as well as focusing on one muscle at any given moment. You don’t want to be deadlifting heavy weight, and then rushing off to another machine. Focus on the one exercise, especially if it’s a multi joint one. It has potential to absolutely transform your body and ignite your metabolisms potential.

In summary, if you want to build some serious muscle, and have a nice form of symmetry, you must split muscle groups during each and every session, and save the full body workouts when you want to burn more body fat. Keep in touch via the usual mediums – all my details are located above or you can just click here for my site and my two primary social media platforms right here. Please feel free to upvote this if you found it useful, and share with others also on the muscle building journey.

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