Why It’s Still a Good Idea to Eat Brown Avocados – According to a Scientists

Why It's Still a Good Idea to Eat Brown Avocados - According to a Scientists

Don’t ever throw away any precious pieces of an avocado

My daughter and I both eat avocado daily.
I cannot get enough of it to tell you the truth. It’s delicious and addictive — in the best way possible!
My avocado is alongside those carefully baked veggies I have daily, eggs, and sometimes I throw in some avocado sushi for a bit of a change.
All combinations are satisfying.
I’m pretty sure my child got the avocado obsession from me.
She eats hers for breakfast with salt, olive oil and some sourdough.
That’s a teenager’s version of smashed avocado!
I don’t care if my avocado starts to brown — I’m not wasting one bit of it.
Not only are they the best fruits known to man, but they are pretty pricey too!
With inflation and the dreaded increased costs for food — I’m making it a priority to eat mindfully and not waste a thing.
I can prove the need to eat a brown avocado since Savannah Braden; a biological scientist also encourages its safety.
Savannah mentions the colour might be slightly grosser than the usual vibrant green but that discolouring is just a chemical reaction — which would typically occur.
I get away with the browning when adding lemon or lime juice to mine, which helps make the avocado taste super delicious.
But beware because the brown can get to the point of becoming toxic.
If you cut your avocado and notice it’s brown inside, it may have been stored in less-than-ideal conditions before it got into your shopping bag.
But not all is doom here, as you can cut out the bad bits and eat as much of the light brown to a green that’s possible.
Another thing to look out for is the stem of an avocado. If it has mould, then it’s a goner.
The fungi have already infected the avocado and gotten into the stem. So that mould isn’t harmful but changes the flavour of the avocado.
For me, that means ‘throw away.” It’s not worth it, and it will taste dreadful anyway.

How to protect your precious avocados?

Keep them away from sunlight and bananas!
I like to put my unripe avocados in the fridge — as they tend to last longer.
Then, I take them out of the fridge a couple of days before consumption and allow them to sit at room temperature.
This doesn’t always work, but it suits me well in preserving my nourishing and expensive avocados.

What you should keep in mind when it comes to the avocado

I recommend not buying too many and ensuring that most are firm to touch. You don’t want to have to eat the avocado so as not to waste any.
My other tip is to drizzle some lemon or lime onto the avocado, which will help preserve the colour and taste. But do eat as soon as possible.
It also helps when you have other avocado-obsessed beings in your home. That means you can get several and know nothing will ever go to waste.
I’m having my fair share of avo tomorrow with lunch.

How do you eat your avocados?

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