I’m so excited to start sharing these podcasts (which I will call blog casts as they are an extension of my blog posts). It’s my way of sharing more in depth information for anyone who is on the path to better health, building muscle and of course, losing body fat. I’m going to be showcasing these once per week, and I would love it if you became a subscriber on iTunes, so you don’t miss them.

This episode focuses on the difference between caloric restriction and IF. The differences between them are what makes one more effective than the other. In this podcast, I’ll go through some of my learning’s for both mediums, and the personal experience I’ve had with these two methods.

Here is an outline of the episode
[02:42] Why does caloric reduction not work as well as fasting does?
[03:17] What is the difference between caloric reductions in terms of your metabolism?
[07:09] If your fasting over four days, your metabolism doesn’t actually drop

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